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  1. HideShare and ADC users..?

    I'm not much of a programmer but judging from ClientManager::getSharingHub I think Apex will only check whenever first hub where user is connected has hide share enabled. Shouldn't it check all and if even one has hide share disabled then download should proceed normally?
  2. A mixture of options

    Many options are already here, some are obsolete , outdated or are removed because are always on. Besides putting every available option without consider is not good idea. Use partial file sharing upload => always on when You use multi-source Advanced resume using TTH => obsolete (ApexDC++ always use advanced resume by TTH) skiplist is in Settings => Advanced Load few last lines from log on new PM in Settings => Experts => PM history Search history in Settings => Experts => Search history Max number of alternate source is in Settings => Queue => Manual settings of number of segments (otherwise depends on file size) upload Enable ZoneAlarm detection now in Detect conflicting software Show icons in tabs ... always shown? Blend tabs instead of using bold font I think now Zion style tabs ? Check only unverified chunks after downloading now obsolete Filter userlist on every key stroke (uses more resources) here as Activate search/userlist by pressing Enter Keep duplicate files in your file list - always kept Tab completion of nicks in chat - start typing some1's nick in chat and press TAB
  3. Steal a fuldc feature?

    "steal" is such a nasty word. Anyone can pickup am o.s. project and continue it, especially since original one "died" (and AirDC++ become unofficial continuation) . Since we are at "Free/Total HDD" it's always a good time to implement some "don't start download if no free space on device" option :(
  4. emulation in quick connect

    Someone has to make the first step. It's not gonna change if we don't do anything. Maybe it would be a good idea to remove emu on ADC first?
  5. emulation in quick connect

    I'm just saying Apex should flow in direction of not having emu at all. Anyway it should be only used on "stupid" hubs that doesn't allow this good client.
  6. emulation in quick connect

    But this way user at least has to use BRAIN... otherwise he would just leave emulation on all hubs coz it's easier.
  7. More sources and segments

    This look's like a cool MAN network. Sounds like fun.. how much DC users? Anyway... instead of increasing segments, You should focus on disconnecting slow downloads. There are there several options affecting this behavior, in: Settings >> Downloads Settings >> Queue Settings >> Limits
  8. More sources and segments

    Definitely NOT and it doesn't have anything with hardware capabilities. It had been discussed a lot in the past so make some effort and search. (and there's no "get Your hands away from max segments" option in the pool..)
  9. Priority Upload to certain user

    It would be not. And why would You want to promote a client anyway? Primo - probably You're not gonna detect (especially as non OP) exactly what kind of client other person is using. For example: there are few leecher mods based on Apex so promoting Apex You would also probably promote them as well. Secundo - aside from faking clients (witch usually are v.hard to impossible to detect) user's client doesn't say anything whenever user is a f***ing lame leecher or good sharer. It already has - check "Grant slot" option. Using 'Favorite users' is good idea also. I do agree that there are still open possibilities to implement (especially in ADC when users are identified properly) and promoting user based on his previous uploads wouldn't be a bad idea.
  10. Apex 1.0.0B4 an OP client?

    I think We're missing the problem right now... it's not really that important whenever Apex (or any other) is (classified) an OP client or not. The point is - there are LOT's of moron OPs out there juest waiting for any chaeting string to pop out - without considering what it really mean, is detection accurate or anything. If We're talking about AML (I'm 99% sure we do) then even IF Apex wouldn't be classified as OP-client it would (according to scheme) have "Multisource Client Detected" instead and probably You would still be kicked, only with different reason. I don't see the point in kicking OP clients from my hub as long as they don't contain any bad features (and are up to date with min requirements as userclients) and I'm strongly against it. I also disagree with putting "OP Client Detected" in cheating string in AML - only contain this info in comments. And IMHO what should be done (probably... somewhere in the future) is to modify clients profile list structure. It could contain all possible feature tokens in the header (like: "OP features", "faking share", "emulation", "multisource<10", ect.) and each client profile would only contain info witch features are presented. OPerator would have to consider (using brain is recommended) witch features are acceptable and would be able to set correct RAWs with just a few clicks (even if list would contain hundreds of clients). Much more flexibility isn't it? ;)
  11. Timestamp in filelists

    You need newsbot... ask hub stuff to put one. Users'll start to use it with time.
  12. imho - thats what log analyser tools are for.
  13. Game: Guess the movie

    hmmm... Orgazmo? edit: (@*&$()@ hate beeing second :(
  14. Favorites Manually

    Adding user without CID is imposible, and that's not exactly the point of discussion... but wait (testing) Hmm.. It's a good TIP to know If I add user without CID (or broken CID, using notepad for example) but type exact Nick and exact hub address new pseudo CID will be generated. So... in result "NMDC hub favorite user" is generated. If I would like to add ADC user I must type only his true CID - get it from FL (nick is optional ... FL name contain user's nick also). SUMMARY: Aside from editing config, "add favorite user" isn't pointless: all it needs are 3 fields - CID, nick, last hub address. If user type just Nick & hub address or type incorrect CID string - pseudo CID will be generated (NMDC fav user otherwise ADC fav user). PS - Also some1 smart might want to write a patch: whenever You edit NMDC Favorite Hub address it will also generate new pseudo CIDs for all users from that hub.
  15. Favorites Manually

    You can find user's CID in his filelist and You can add Favorite users manually editing Favorities XML. EDIT: but it's a real CID... useless in NMDC hubs, but more then enough to add ADC user. To ADD NMDC favorite user You need exact hub address and exact nick. There might be an option (creator) "Add offline user" asking for either CID or Nick&Address. It could be a confuse to "standard Apex++ user" But if someone is interested - see Tip in my next post to add users by changing Favorites.xml Also I think favorite users nick is just for show (since DC++ 0.68 and users identified by CID's) and You can change it as You wish (I include such option in my mod, and didn't see negative results... favorite users are still identified properly).