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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    Same folder as before, and the emopacks are still there. The bmp files are clickable and viewable with Irfan View and Photoshop so I dont think they are corrupt.
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    Still grey I'm afraid Lee. And rebooting the client does not solve anything. Is the path listed in one of the xml files so I can check if it is correct?
  3. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    After the upgrade (I upgraded from 1.0.1 using the Installer) all emoticons are gone. I cannot see them in the mainchat, and the emoticon boxes in the fold out menu to the right of the chat input field are all greyed out. I have checked that the emoticons are in their folder. My guess is that somehow the path reference is incorrect. Any idea what I can do to get them back? Thanks in advance. :)
  4. [1.0.1] File in non-shared folder being downloaded

    Hi Iranmaster, thanks for your reply. :thumbsup: I looked through the settings and that option is not checked so there must be some other reason.
  5. [1.0.1] File in non-shared folder being downloaded

    I restarted the client and reconnected to the hub. Now, the file was not available to the guy downloading anymore. Perhaps you were already aware of this and/or it is an intentional feature; just thought you might want to know.
  6. I am currently watching how a file which I just downloaded is being downloaded by another person in the hub. This is despite that the finished downloads directory is not listed as shared through Apex. Is this intentional or a bug? I know that unfinished downloads are shared, this is nothing new. But I have never experienced files being located in the Finished Downloads directory being shared and uploaded once they have finished, before. Do you think the reason is because he started the download while the file was in my temporary downloads directory, and he managed to 'follow' it to its final destination? I have checked carefully that the folder that contains the file is not shared through Apex, nor shared on my LAN...
  7. Previewing problem

    Just reporting to say I just noticed the same thing with the beta5 version. The problem occurs both with AVIpreview and VLC Videolan player. I guess you are still working on the fix for this? Thanks for your ongoing efforts with the client, much appreciated.
  8. 1 million downloads achieved

    Good on ya, lads and ladesses! :crying:
  9. Arguement with OP

    Sorry mate, but that is what you get for arguing with an OP. If you could keep your reasoning factual and polite you would not have been kicked. It is possible he was labouring under a misconception. If you had refrained from <JolobaRabbi> sometimes it's 1mbit, evenings it lags. so what? It is very possible you would still be in the hub. As an OP he is dealing with hundreds of fakers every day. If you want to single yourself out as different from all these, and somebody he should not kick, you need to work on your attitude. I was in that hub for over 3 years and never had any problems with them whatsoever. It is true some OPs have attitude problems, but you can get that anywhere. The trick to deal with this is to avoid getting into an argument. Stay calm, factual, polite, and they will not get to you.
  10. First of all, thank you very much for the best Christmas present I got last year! It would be nice with an 'Open' command available in the right click menu when browsing through one's own file list. Obviously this command would have to be greyed out (inaccessible) for the right click menu when browsing external user file lists... Yes, I am too lazy to minimize Apex and open a file from its folder through Windows Explorer... I realize it may not be a priority for you, but it shouldnt take too long to achieve, right? What do you think? ;)
  11. segments

    It is very interesting to know how it actually works. Thanks a lot Big Muscle for the explanation. Keep your excellent client versions coming. :)
  12. Sorry to dig up old threads, but do you have a final word on this? ;)
  13. segments

    A n00b question perhaps, but how does the 1MB increment download waste bandwidth?
  14. [Support][0.2.0] partial connection

    Did you try running Dyndns updater simultaneously with Apex and place your dyndns address in the IP box instead of the WAN IP? That's what I do, that way it does not matter if my ISP changes my WAN IP, because Dyndns updater makes sure the dyndns address always points to my actual WAN IP. It's a small app and takes virtually no resources. It's possible your problem is due to something else of course.
  15. [Support]GeoIP flags

    Thanks Crise, works like a charm now. Looks much better this way. ;)