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  1. AolemanEl liked a post in a topic by Lee in Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.6   
    Bring on the speed! ApexDC++ 1.3.6 changes the way in which segments are downloaded. The new randomised approach allows for new files to be distributed better across a group of ApexDC++ downloaders. Ultimately, this will provide a better speed over other clients.

    Other improvements include a new Plugin API update - so make sure you grab the new plugins - and a minor feature addition.

    Download: ApexDC++ 1.3.6
  2. AolemanEl liked a post in a topic by Lee in Released: Welcome to ApexDC 1.4   
    We are pleased to announce our first featured update since 1.3 was first introduced. We have merged with StrongDC++ 2.42 to keep up with Big Muscle's improvements, introduced a more efficient installer using Inno, rewritten the webserver area that was initially planned for 2.0, and more!

    1.4.0 follows StrongDC++'s decision to disable emulation by default on all hubs (please let your hub owners aware of this, otherwise they may be unknowingly blocking ApexDC users). This can be configured under favourite hub properties if you wish. Our new installer detects your system language and processor architecture (32bit or 64bit), has a cleaner uninstall and removes OpenCandy integration in favour of our own ApexDC Toolbar. You will still need to confirm the installation of the ApexDC Toolbar and it can be uninstalled at any time.

    The webserver changes mean that you no longer use the templates on and load them locally. There are lots more changes so check out the page for more details.

    Let us know what you think!

    Download: ApexDC++ 1.4.0
  3. AolemanEl liked a post in a topic by Crise in Releasing some auxiliary code and project   
    While back I went through my "development directory" and found some pieces of work that could potentially be useful for other people, if shared, but were either used only by us internally or just to collect dust.

    So I put in some effort and packaged a few different files for public consumption, if you find them useful then great... if not then it is no-ones loss. I would ask you to comment below if you find something interesting in the stuff listed below, but seeing as our previous blogs haven't been big on comments (which is why there haven't been any more), who am I kidding.

    Check the full post, after the break for more details.

    1. Inno Setup Scripts (partial code dump)

    This file contains a collection of auxiliary scripts used by our installer, please see the enclosed readme, and the script files themself, for further details.

    2. PHP Utilities (Tiger and TTH hashing, Base32 encoding)

    This file contains two simple classes, again the enclosed readme will shed more light on each (also explains why they are even here, since the original unmodified version of most of the code can be found on google).

    "This code is namely shared because the current PHP based DC software that make use of the ADC protocol
    generally uses hard coded hashes, or off loads the task of hashing to a binary dependency, for login.
    While TTH is not used for that task directly the tiger and tigerfix methods, and the documentation
    surrounding them, will hopefully be of use to some and lessen the number solutions reliant on static hashes."

    3. phpBB based CMS system (aka. SnCMS, as in tin dioxide)

    This was originally built for something we were planning for here at ApexDC then it was used for something completely different in the end, and after that it was used on the now late ADCPortal. Older version of this is still kind of in use, internally, but it only exists as a spare (though it has been particularly useful in testing the recent server moves).

    I originally made it based on a concept I had long time ago, that I used on an old AirDC++ web site (yes, way back when it was still running phpBB2, I was somewhat involved in the web side of things there), now with phpBB3 as the backend.

    I have bundled two styles with it, the original ADCPortal template files and a template'd version of the old layout for the system I made for the old AirDC++ site with some modernizations. I didn't release this before because I couldn't be bothered to create a style that didn't have a branding on it... but seeing as ADCPortal is dead, superseded by somewhat, and AirDC++ uses a different style now there is no longer a reason not to release it with the styles unedited.

    Notably this project in its entierty is licensed under GNU GPL v2, as any phpBB modification should be (even though it doesn't modify phpBB per se). This old topic is also related (as you can see the plans to release it have existed for a while). No real installation instructions, read the comments in config.php, and figure it out from there (if someone actually seriously wants to use this, reply below and I'll give better instructions).

    Inno setup scripts PHP Utilities SnCMS - phpBB CMS
  4. AolemanEl liked a post in a topic by Lee in Happy Holidays and 11 million downloads milestone!   
    Just in time for the holidays we have reached 11 million worldwide downloads recorded by SourceForge.
    We have had plenty going on this year including >opening up 2.0 development for Mac OS X and continuing to maintain our 1.x branch. We plan to release 1.5.9 shortly with a new protocol extension to help migrate users from an existing NMDC hub to the ADC protocol. You can already check out the latest >1.5.9 Beta on our forums.
    In the mean time enjoy the snow and have some fun with the family - Happy Holidays! :)
  5. AolemanEl liked a post in a topic by Lee in ApexDC++ 1.5.5 is here   
    Yes we are alive and kicking!

    This is a routine maintenance release that catches up to the latest plugin changes implemented in DC++ by Crise and a few other general fixes. While we're migrating over to using DC++ maintained plugins there are two plugin files offered for download. The traditional plugins are still available and the new LuaPlugin is renamed to ScriptPlugin; you can find both of them here.

    A list of changes have been published and we are expanding our private testing group for 2.0. Expect to see another post regarding recruitment for this very soon.

    Download 1.5.5