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  1. release ApexDC++ 1.5.7 security update

    Wow, the size has nearly doubled! The setup for 1.5.6 was around 12.7 MB and for 1.5.7 it is bloated to 23.6 MB. I can see that the bundled XP version is to blame. You guys have already mentioned end of support for XP with 2.0.0, which is probably for the best given Microsoft's end of extended support date is coming up soon. If you are planning any more releases before v2 hits, might I suggest unbundling the XP version and providing it as a separate installer/slim package? That way those of us who moved on from XP years ago won't have to download the extra bits any more. (And yes, before someone says it I guess 23.6 MB is not large relatively speaking, but download caps and slow speeds do cause problems and so a 2x size increase is not something that's aappreciated, especially by people who don't even use XP.)