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  1. Mandatory Updates

    I will no longer use ApexDC++, I am fed up with these mandatory updates, they are intolerable. I want to be free to decide which version I would use, to update or not to update. This obtrusive policy of ApexDC++ developers is inacceptable for an open source project. So I am dumping ApexDC++ for a client that is less annoying, thank goodness there are many.
  2. Mandatory Updates

    You so-called mandatory updates finally made me change my Direct Connect client. I will switch to AirDC++. No one can decide for me which version I should use. It is ridiculous to impose upon users these nasty mandatory updates. WIth these intrusive pop-ups you are just driving users away from your application. When I use an app it is up to me to decide whether to upgrade it or not.