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  1. apex causing pc to restart

    this is not my problem, but one of our guys in our hub has this strange thing going on. Whenever he starts up apex, it will come on for afew mintues then his pc will reboot, this only happens whenever he is on the hub....got any ideas on this....anyone? almost sounds virus like to me but??? thanx :)
  2. I know that most windoz users have become quite lazy in the years that we have been using it. But there is a growing number of people who are in fact getting fed up with the price of installing windows, which will soon be going up in price with the new version of xp. I know, I know it can be hacked or at least xp can as it stands right now, but make one mistake and you will be busted. For this reason alone more of are looking to linux, and with a OS such Ubuntu linux it is getting eaisier to use than it ever has been in the past, so lets not poo poo those of us that wish to have a functional linux version of dc++, something that will work as well if not better than M$. I would love to see somone write a good p2p client for linux, if I were not so damned old I would be into writing this stuff myself, but alas it is way to late for me to learn anther language, so all you brilliant minds out there make a name for yourselves, and come up with a killer version of Apex for linux.....You can do it. Peace before it's to late jeff
  3. When.....Maybe?

    Any ideas of a time frame for the op version yet?.....Been happy with the 0.2.1 so far, but it sure would be handy to get the op version soon. I havent seen any recent post as to where we are at with it, thats why I am asking. Good luck jt
  4. File list

    Ok gang, strike me for a dummy....Here is something I have going on, don't know if the rest of you do or not. In my file list folder I am noticing that when apex checks for list on joins or even when it does the hourly check, it loads another copy of a users list instead of updating the orignal. Didn't have this going on in Peerweb, it seems to be something unique to apex. I am an op in our hub, so I like to keep everyones list current, but it is just loading up the folder with multible copies of the same list... Any thoughts on this? Peace....Before it's to late jt
  5. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    And.......I suppose if you want the perfect client..............Build the sucker, don't bitch out the people who are doing it for you.. For Free I might add..just my humble opinon. jt
  6. uploading

    Well, yes it is a good feature, except in my case, and those of us that share live music. We tend to want to verify our shows, before we share them. We don't like to spread anyones stuff that is not quality. So this not really a big deal, it just kind surprised me when I saw it. I do want to say thanks for the replies to the question though. Peerweb and now Apex have made the job a lot more fun. Thanks Mucho. jt Oh Yeah!!.......Think Peace!
  7. uploading

    Nope, I just checked that out and the file was complete and was no longer in the d/l queue. I had just came in this morning when the upload started, and that is what really caught my eye, the fact that the file was being shared. Thanks for the speedy reply jt
  8. uploading

    Been using this preview version since it first hit the scene and so far it is looking very good and quite stable. I am noticing however that it will allow a user that is downloading from me to acsess myD/L folder, even though the drive that the down load folder is on has no shared files checked in the client. This may be something to check out. Like I say though the client it's self is doing a great job and like many others I'm sure, I can't wait to see how the new OP version will work out. As I am not only an Op in our hub, I also host it from time to time and will be good to have a few more features on the Op side of things. Keep up the good work and Congrats on the progress so far. jt :D
  9. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    Well, I have been running it strong for about 13 hours and it is looking good so far...Bring on the Op version, lets Rock!!
  10. right click op menu

    In our hub which I am an op our comands are proceded with . (dot) instead of !, so if you right click on a user and need to give the kick command it will not work because the ! command is not configurable. It would be a handy thng to have the option to change this instead of re writing the comands for the entire hub, which i am sure were not the only ones that still use the dot proceed..........something to think about Peace the oldindian
  11. download pause

    One feature that I always thought would be great in any dc++ client , would be for the ability to pause downloading. It would be a most helpful thing for some of us who maybe don't have the best of high speed connections, or have an isp that caps your bandwitdh......something to consider! Peace the Oldindian