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  1. вот этот баг? если да, то вроде в 1.5.2 Beta пофиксили или можно отключить "Keep finished files in queue" как вариант
  2. Would be very nice to choose forward or not port for webserver with UPnP I'm using UPnP for port forwarding on my router I need to access webserver only from client in my home LAN behind the router, but upnp auto forwards it to the internet I saw that feature in FlylinkDC++ http://flylinkdc-en.blogspot.com/ maybe it can help :)
  3. Hello! First, thanks to all developers for their work! After some time using ApexDC I found strange thing in "finished uploads" In current version of ApexDC it shows 3 (in my case) uploaded chunks as if 3 files confusing Is it a bug or feature? I find more informative current DC++ style of "finished uploads", where you can see % and size of file transferred Is it planned to change in future versions?
  4. Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++

    dyndns.org isn't free for new accounts anymore... I'll try no-ip.com