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  1. ApexDC++ OP

    real late feedback - zion was last one I used for op'ing. It did detection best, since it has gotten outdated last and wasn't bad as a user client too.
  2. ApexDC.net donates to StrongDC++

    great guys! good idea!
  3. Fake detection profiles

    thank you! Seems to work, though now I need a bunch of op functions, which I do not see... will report to respective place.
  4. Fake detection profiles

    Dear lads and lassies, I need some links to working fake detection profiles. Could someone please provide me with them? Thanks! P.S. I realize we had a topic for this, but searching for it proved to be futile...
  5. Graphics formats update

    smaller filesize. newer format, meaning there might be more things it can do and there should be a better access to the required sources. Basically same reason as to "why use png if there is tiff or even bmp"...
  6. OP Version Questions

    You'll get it when it is out, don't worry and do not rush it - won't help -)
  7. Graphics formats update

    that's weird, how about jpeg 2000? it should have all the source code and binaries... All major software packages are starting to support it (like Adobe Acrobat for example, or AcdSee)... I mean we still have some bmp even coming with the installation package themes... I realize free space is not an urgent matter anymore... but...
  8. Graphics formats update

    Just an idea - why not have Apex use exclusively jpeg 2000 or the very least png for all, themes, graphics etc... Would save some space and, well, the fun of being on the edge -) Not a feature request, since I think this is something more of a point for discussion. P.S. could someone (moderator) fix the aphex to apex in the subj, please ;)
  9. ApexDC++ revealed!

    also an icon for apex needs to be... there... yeah, blue me not likes, grey is okey, last logo could be more elaborate, imho.
  10. World Cup 2006

    <- isn't a soccer fan... <- has no TVset But, guess, it'd be better if Germany wins, since I am in Germany. Many people root for Trinidad... yeah, rite...
  11. Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Alpha 2 (Bon Echo)

    I'd rather us talk useful plugins. I am using: fasterfox adblock plus adblock filterset updater customze google cute menus download statusbar flashgot forecastfox nightly tester tools noscript session manager tab clicking options ui tweaker update notifier and I am on the ffox 2 alpha 2 I suggest you post yours here too so we could all benefit from the selection.
  12. Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Alpha 2 (Bon Echo)

    http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/fir...-trunk/?C=M;O=D or here - http://www.philka.ru/comment.php?comment.news.1800 not sure which one is better... it is out for a while already - sort of pre-alpha thing -)
  13. Zion ++ project stopped, p2p banned in France altogether?

    Greg, don't get me wrong - I don't mean users should be faceless. I mean the identity of a user online should not be connected in any way to the users actual location (which ip provides) exactly because of the abuse of privacy violation by the various states and organizations. However, I absolutely agree with users setting up identities and connecting their VR to the RL self as much as they want. Regarding ips - I know how it works, but I believe it might work somehow else too, if even with a giant proxy system of a kind, I frankly do not have a valid solution to exclude ip-like id, but I am sure there might be other ways to replace it. As for private hubs - anonymity of actual users won't hurt at all - you will have login and password there anyway - which is why these hubs are called private.
  14. Zion ++ project stopped, p2p banned in France altogether?

    Kevo, with freenet - I tried once (since my university has banned all p2p under the threat of expulsion). Jumped in and saw that about 80% of stuff is pedo resources... Not sure it was freenet - something that uses browser rather than it's own client. That aside, I didn't figure out how to download from there before my "give up limit" was used up. (wonder if it really was freenet though). Either way this is not the kind of p2p I imagine. With fibre optics - cables are temporary - think about it - if you can send that stuff through waves, you can max out the data throughput by developing multisource transfer applied to wifi... Greg, I believe ip address is something that can be done with, however it is of course backed up by the authorities. As for anonymity - I don't personally have a major need for it, but I'd rather have it. I can always willingly identify myself to people I need,- so identity is not harmed. As for bad guys having it anonymous - I don't mind - it's their business and it is my business to have antivirs and firewalls against that. If legal system is not catching up with times - I don't want to lag with it. As for total control argument - we are heading there, I believe, but I don't think we'll get there (for every file monitoring argument).
  15. How evil are you?

    nah, I really am the evilest - I am so evil I even lied on the questions that I told to the test I didn't do -)