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  1. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    I don't know who this JOE u are talking abt well i don't wana try flex I am happy with verli and if i want to try on stable thing i will hit on adch++ for adcs. or some other stuff. For ur bugs u have the list of it in launchpad god knows about it :D
  2. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    Contains lot of bugs and it can stand with only 1500 users.On the secure part adcs we all come to share weather u r on nmdc or adc or adcs you have the same rule <<removed - this is not true >> I will try once the hub software is fully in working condition not on beta and may be they take years and years so i better stick with verli-hub which is quite stable on my linux and for adcs i will better switch to adch++ as as they are stable. One more thing as flex is so buggy needs update and update and lot of things changes in a while i heard from some one they release again update in some time to fix things up.