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  1. Sharing GUI

    I think it would be a great ideea to modify the Sharing GUI code, because when you have already a shared directory by the name "XXX" and you try to share another directory with the same name (with or without lowercase) an error box occurs which tells you that you already have in your share another dir with the same name. You don't really know what happend with the two dirs (the old one and the new one) because a checkbox is being displayed in the left of the new dir and also the old dir. So i think it would be nice to modify de code and to output some input field with the message: "Please select a new name for the dir as there's already a shared dir with that name".
  2. next version

    When it will be released the next version of apex, and don't forget to correct the annoying bug with "readd source"?
  3. More segments number

    It would be an awesome feature (like in strongdc++) that the maximum nr of segments to be like 30 :P
  4. I am a fan of apex and currently using it for a long time. I don't know why, but even when i have realy fast segments (1mb/s +) it keeps disconnecting them and the overall speed doesn't exceed 40kbps when it could be 3-4mbps. I have tried all the settings regarding the segments disconecting etc but the situation didn't improve. I would apreciate an advice, i don't want to uninstall this wonderful soft. LE: i get this output: "segment block finished, wainting..." :|
  5. Crash in 3.0

    Whenever i am right-clicking a file in my downld queue and hit the "readd source" option the program crashes without any reason. It seams that it does that whenever i hit that option. I can't figure out how can i output you the faulty code, but if u want to know the source of the probl tell me where can i find the fault in the code. Thank you. P.S does the program generate an auto feedback in case of crash in some txt file or smth like that ?