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  1. unfortunately, none of those suggestions help me. It has to do with the Linksys router and I just don't have any idea what else I need to do. Again, I can connect to the hub and people can connect to me and download but I cannot connect to anyone else. It gives me an Invalid IP Address in a connection request. Does anyone else have an E3000 with a DC server running on it? If so, how did you get it to work?
  2. Ok so I figured out the problem...apparently with this router I cannot run the hub on one computer and ApexDC++ on another on the same internet connection...now here's the real question...why can I on my D Link but not on the Linksys E3000? Does anyone know what setting I have to enable/disable/change within the E3000 so that I can run both the hub and Apex on the same network?
  3. Maybe someone can help me out here...I went out and purchased a Linksys E3000 (the simultaneous dual band router) last week and I have been trying to configure my computer to work with my DC++ hub and it's not working. It does, however, work with my D-Link DGL 4300 Wireless G router without ANY setting changes. The message I am getting in Apex DC++ when I try and download from anyone is "Your direct connect client has supplied an invalid IP address in a connection request (client sent (my WAN IP address), you have This is usually a client configuration problem". People can see my file list, but I can't even connect to anyone to see theirs. Everything is literally the same except for the router. I'll run down what I have already done thus far. -Everything is port forwarded properly. The DC Server is forwarded to 11598, my computer is forwarded to 52600 -Everything is going to the right IP address. My computer and the DC computer are both static addresses and I have changed the TCP/IP Settings in Windows to match the Linksys (changed the to and so on) -I have tried turning off the firewall in the router. Windows firewall is not enabled. -Updated to the latest firmware version -Running the latest ApexDC++ 1.38?? (just updated it this past weekend) -Even tried a clean install on a computer that never had DC on it before. Same thing. -In DC, under the connections settings, the "Network Interface For All Connections is set to my computer ( -Firewall w/ manual port forwarding is checked. TCP is 52600 and UDP is 52600. TLS/TCP is 0. DHT/UDP is 6250. The port checker can see me when I click the "check connection" link -The External/WAN IP address is set to the IP address from my ISP. I have checked this by going to the Status page on the router as well as typing in What's My IP into google just to triple check -Outgoing connection is set to direct connection. So where am I going wrong? I have even done crazy things like changing the Linksys' address to and even just to see if Apex didn't like the 1.1 address. Same thing. I even cloned the MAC address from my D-Link so that I could get the same IP address the D Link is getting from my ISP to see if THAT might be the issue. Still...same thing. Does ApexDC++ just not like Linksys Routers or something?? I just don't understand why it will work with a cheap old D-Link router but not my brand new Linksys. Also, my friend has the SAME router (E3000) with the same settings in both the router and ApexDc++ and his works just fine. Any advice on how to remedy this issue will be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.