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  1. "All Download Slots Taken" Problem

    yepeee...... thanx all of u..... now its downloading from all of the users
  2. "All Download Slots Taken" Problem

    check this
  3. "All Download Slots Taken" Problem

    nops, i tried connection 1 by 1 to all, and can download from all but i cant do that at a time, means cant download from all at a time...
  4. "All Download Slots Taken" Problem

    Guys, i am downloading from ApexDC++ and i am getting this problem... I am downloading a files on my ISP big LAN and many users have that file, but my download finally downloads from only 1 source, but i can download from many others.... I googled this problem, and found somewhere that u have to increase the slots from downloads in the settings... I have made High Priority Extra Slots as 100 and rest all as 0 i.e. infinity..... Please helpp me out with this prob.... I am also sending a screenshot for it for reference....