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  1. search not working

    ah bingo! Ok the last update checked "enable automatic incoming connection type detection" I just needed to uncheck it to get my settings back. settings->connection [ uncheck ]enable automatic incoming connection type detection
  2. search not working

    Hey Mek, I'm not sure about the other guys but I'm pretty sure I speaking for them as well. Its not a new install issue, or a "new to apex" issue. Its a "was working till upgrade issue". Yes I agree that would cause an issue but I dont use a fire wall. My network is a bit to confusing to get in to right now but I can assure you that is not an issue. If there was some fundamental change to the passive mode that made you suggest that please explain. My guess is you mentioned that as its a common mistake for people to over look. There is something in that last update that certainly is causing issue for some of us.
  3. search not working

    ditto. I can no longer search. I tried some very basic key words and I'm connected to 30 hubs or so ( 0 results ). I save my hubs so they auto connect each load ( not sure that helps ). I checked to make sure my search settings are still all hubs and regardless of slots. Still no luck, Any thoughts?
  4. Just find it confusing that I dont see any topics about bitrate. At least nothing clear in the title.. I know ApexDC is not strictly a mp3 file sharing system but I was shock to find there is no obvious way to search or refine search by bit rate. Is this a dificult task or just something that has by and large been gone. Or is it there right under my nose?
  5. Ah nuts I just realized I put this in the Linux topic I meant to put it here.. Guessing the answer will be the same but worth a shot. Is there a way to relocate this HashData file? I want to put it on another drive.
  6. relocate HashData

    please tell me there is a way to relocate this HashData file? I want to put it on another drive.