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  1. v 1.1.0

    This issue is resolved as far as i'm concerned. After years of using Apex client i've found myself another client that does meet my "wishes". Here we have a saying: all (good) things come to an end. In this case: the end of using Apex as my client. TY for all the (positive) input, for the willingness to "LISTEN" to a loyal Apex Client User and the "open mindedness" as far as this requested feature goes.
  2. v 1.1.0

    And who the hell are u to decide that? This is a feature request topic. And as I use p2p to collect music it would be nice if i can listen to it thru my client. Like i said before, it WAS in Apex client before and i think it's a shame it was taken out, so i would like to see it been put back in.
  3. v 1.1.0

    As such: nothing, but it was in there before, and now it's gone. Many clients have it, and i happen to be one of the ppl that actually uses it, along with others. I'm very sorry that Apex users are almost forced to use this new client, as the older ones are no longer working. If winamp toolbar can't come back at least let Apex users deside which Apec version they want to use is what i say. Liekje (aka Lioness)
  4. v 1.1.0

    CRISE? PLS put back the winamp toolbar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss it a lot. Another thing that has been a problem of mine since 0.3 version: Altho all my settings are correct all my hubtabs stay bold ALL the time, so i can't see when there is action in a hub or when i get answer in pm. Hubtags stay bald, even when i'm in a certain hub. Any idea why that is? I soooooooo wish i could use the 0.3 version again. With that i didn't have all this.
  5. ApexDC++ OP

    I'm also DYING for an Apex OP client. Altho i've been OPing for 1,5 years now (and only once used an OP client MDMDC i think), now that i'm in TAN, with BIG hubs it would be great if an OP client would do some of the work for me automatically. I'm set up with ADL search, which is great, but i know there is so much more an OP client can do (raws for instance). Now i do everything "by hand" so to speak. One of the things i read here, which i like very much, is to be able to find a user in multible hubs, sounds good. Since there is also a lot of info for users that we can use i wouldn't mind a second notepad in an OP client. And, if possible, to be able to download from all clients (filelist). At the moment i use Apex, i love it, but i am setting op DCDM at the moment, to use as OP client, while i awaite Apex OP client.
  6. suggestions

    No, i dont mean the limiter, i mean the amount of slots for download/upload. the amount of slots is connected to the ratio. put ratio on 0 and you get 3 download and 3 upload slots (perhaps depending to the amount of hubs you're in). set ratio to 1 and you get 34/34 (in my case). i'd rather have it that i can manually set the amount of slots for download and upload, so i can run more downloads at the same time and have like 2 slots open for uploads
  7. suggestions

    I've got the latest release now, and i'm very pleased with it, as i was with the former one, except for a few (small) things: Unfortunatly it doens't have the feature to see ipnumbers of users in chat (a minor point) Something that kind of really bugs me is that i can't set the amount of downloads and uploads separetly, this is set by the ratio feature, which means you can have only limited down/uploads or loads of them if you set the ratio to a higher level. I'd rather see them being set by hand separetly. Regards Liekje