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  1. mulptiple ApexDC++ instances

    Hi, I would like to remove this "another instance of ApexDC++ program is running...." message, because I use couple of them in windows startup. Is it possible? Thank you :P
  2. Tray icon color change option

    Thank you soooo much :stuart:) I just did what you said, with reshack, and picked a nice icon just for me ) A sunshade icon :)
  3. Download Status Message

    OK, I think I got it !!!! I just reduced socket read and write buffer sizes and write buffer size to half of default value and it worked for a whole day without any errors The trick also worked with StrongDC++.... Hope this will help someone!
  4. I usually run 2-3 instances of Apex and would like to differ them in system tray easily. So I suggest to create an option for couple of different tones of tray icon Thank you :stuart:
  5. Download Status Message

    Yes, only changed maximum simultaneous downloads to 15, which should be fine for 512Kbs. In fact, it was was just fine until couple of weeks ago.... then i was changing the version of java and azureus and it seems to me that all of this started then. Could be the problem with azureus settings. I will try to lower the number of simultaneous downloads for it and also for ApexDC++ and will let you know what happened. Thanks
  6. Download Status Message

    did not help checked through all of them forums and pages, did this registry change and some other, but still results are the same.... if anyone can help, please do... only solution for now, to reduce the number of started p2p programs at the same time, which is lame :(
  7. Switching from DC++ to ApexDC++

    What a bummer ?!!? As I remember, you said that Apex was a successor of Peerweb, right? This seems to me like the most important thing to be importable in aphex, but.... Nevermind, since i have almost 100GB in queue, i do not think i will be switching soon I will be checking here periodically in case someone comes up with a solution to this... Thanks anyway, Keep up the good work !!! Long live P2P :lol:
  8. Switching from DC++ to ApexDC++

    I am trying to insert download queue list just like you said, it is there, I see it in Apex, but it does not download anything ?! Switching from Peerweb 0.40 to Apex 0.40.... Please help, Thanks in advance.