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  1. AndroidDC

    Great app! Only issue I've seen with last update is that chatrooms aren't working. Every incoming message from a chatroom is seen as a separate PM from the one sending the message to the chatroom. It's possible to send a message to the chatroom, but all replies will be separate PM's from users, not the chatroom.
  2. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    Haha, every software has it's trolls, and captainfreeky a.k.a. Joe is FlexHub's all time favorite troll. Name two of them. FlexHub is being actively developed, that means we listen to the people using it (as long as they can behave, you know what i mean), and keep adding new features and improving the hubsoft. That's what the updates are about. And since version 0.2 FlexHub has become a very stable hubsoft. Ofcourse bugs are fixed with every release as well, but with the inline update system updates are easy and run smooth. It's even possible to run updates without having to restart the hub. And indeed, as Lee already stated, supporting large usercounts has never been the goal for FlexHub. But maximum control, feature-rich, flexible and supporting NMDC/NMDCS ADC/ADCS protocol in one hub is not something many other hubsofts can offer.
  3. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    The cooperation between FlexHub and Apex will be an interesting one, by closing the gap between client and hub development some very nice features will be brought to the DC community in the near future! Don't miss it!
  4. AndroidDC

    Looking good! I'd like a copy too to test it with FlexHub. There are some nasty rumours that it wouldn't work with Flex, they'll have to be silenced ofcourse Drop me a PM, i'll provide feedback when testing ofcourse.
  5. Someone is trying to use your client!

    Correct, but since not all hubs can be trusted, blocking port 80 and 2501 at least protects from allowing a client to participate in ddosing a website or hublist regserver
  6. passive-to-passive connection

    It's possible that the hubsoft blocks it since the NAT traversal involves a few minor changes to the $ConnectToMe command. What hubsoft/version is used? One other note: it takes two clients that use NAT traversal, so you will only be able to connect passive-passive if both clients are using this implementation. So both clients have to be StrongDC++ based and recent.
  7. flexdc

    New FlexHub release, svn 1065, now works well together with flexdc.
  8. flexdc

    The wrong $Keys as posted above were sent from a russian browser, so it's probably a charset conversion bug that sends the wrong key
  9. flexdc

    <edited - $Key is always checked, locally as well, unless !set check_key false is used> After some tests it seems to provide a wrong key only occasionally. Thanks for the info, will have a look at Flash Builder 4
  10. flexdc

    There's still a bug with calculating the $Key: [11:03:31] <FlexBot> IP: ***.***.***.*** <nick unknown> was disconnected because: Wrong key received after lock: $Key 4ÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ01‘ ÑÑqÑ!‘Ñ‘ ѱ±ÀÀ01p 0 [11:03:31] <FlexBot> Lock was: EXTENDEDPROTOCOL_FLEXHUB_MULTIPROTOCOL_VQSP [11:03:31] <FlexBot> Proper key: 4ÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ01‘ ÑÑqÑ!‘Ñ‘ ѱ±ÀÀ01p 0 [11:05:22] <FlexBot> IP: ***.***.***.*** <nick unknown> was disconnected because: Wrong key received after lock: $Key ãÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ01‘ ÑÑqÑ!‘Ñ‘ ѱ±ÀÀ01¶§Çç [11:05:22] <FlexBot> Lock was: EXTENDEDPROTOCOL_FLEXHUB_MULTIPROTOCOL_4N2L [11:05:22] <FlexBot> Proper key: ãÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ01‘ ÑÑqÑ!‘Ñ‘ ѱ±ÀÀ01¶§Çç
  11. flexdc

    That's quick! Works great and nice that pm's are supported now. About the source files, I'm not familiar with Adobe Flex, can you explain how to setup the project so it can be compiled to swf?
  12. flexdc

    Another bug, when trying to login as registered user it sends an empty $MyPass to the hub, doesn't ask for pass in browser:
  13. flexdc

    Yep, there's no 'NoHello' in the flexdc $Supports so hub needs to send $NickList instead of MyINFO's. Is fixed now. Noticed a flexdc bug: there's a doubling of nicks in the userlist if a nick is in both the $NickList and the $OpList
  14. flexdc

    Nice project, well chosen name too Works like a charm, even noticed a FlexHub bug: hub was sending MyINFO's instead of NickList, will fix that.
  15. dcwebui

    There seems to be a bug in calculating or formatting the $Key: $Lock was: EXTENDEDPROTOCOL_FLEXHUB_MULTIPROTOCOL_ML26 Received : $Key ÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ01‘ ÑÑqÑ!‘Ñ‘ ѱ±ÀÀ01!ç@a³e´1q¡/%DCN096%/åáá Should have been: $Key DÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ01‘ ÑÑqÑ!‘Ñ‘ ѱ±ÀÀ01!ç@ It looks like the key isn't calculated at all, just sending the same key everytime.