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  1. Installer and language files

    :thumbsup: That`s a good one .Unfortunetly it`s hard to find people to help his project. I tried for 10 years to convice Microsoft to adopt my multilinguage oparating sistem,and all they manage to do is a lauzy unilnguage interface, a translation program that most of thr time it doesn`t work ,and also speach recognition progran that works just for a few languges ,and just fot 20% of their capacity
  2. [1.0.1] How to retain searches in memory?

    :thumbsup: Maybe you can add someting to this request -automatic search ( the ability to search for an item when you lanch the program , every 1-60 minutes or when a user enters a hub you are in ). The program should open a window when it finds a match for an item in the permanent search list .It should permit at will , to automaticly download the item to the folder indicated at search introduction .It also could ofer the posibility to selectivly delete items from the permanent search list when you want.
  3. 100Mb/s is max download/upload speed :(

    ;) I`d love this feature if it wasn`t uslles for 99% of w.w. users and I wouldn`t search suppot for my own one . Download/upload speed depends on everything (HDD`s, CPU`s, Cache memory,switches, servers, internet conection , setings , etc). Not everyone has intel C2D QX with 16-32 MB cache , and HDD SATA 2 with 16 MB cache and a gigabite network.Suport my UTSFile /UTSProtocol andyou will have your transfers made in 1 second on your gigabite network .
  4. Majoe impoments o Apexdc++

    1.Why dedicated sharing folder for Apedc+++ This folder ( directory ) will be used for storage and transfer purpose . The files will be stored in a transformed format ( I don
  5. Majoe impoments o Apexdc++

    I`d like to propose to you the fllowing major improvments on Apexdc++ 1.Dedicated sharing folder for Apedc+++ 2.Shared automatic compresor / decompresor 3.Shared multilingual automatic translator 4.Shared speech recognision program and writing as you talk 5 Search tool for all hubs on the net , and extended data base of all hubs 6 Unlimited hub opening and one window for chat and user list presentation 7.Colored intermitent popups for private messages 8.Links to YM , MSM M, GM messengers
  6. Translating help

    Finally someone does somthing to realy improve features in Apex dc++ :)