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  1. emulation in quick connect

    It doesn't take much time to set it up. Personally I don't pick up new hubs too often, I use the ones that are in my Favorites, and all settings are set there as needed.
  2. Client Emulation

    Maybe one of the OPs' client automatically checks users' client when they enter... in that case, it detects that it is ApexDC++ emulating.
  3. emulation in quick connect

    The point in it is that most hubs will let you in if emulation is turned on. If add the hub to your favorites you can disable it yourself.
  4. Raw Commands

    Not sure about that, my guess would be no, but never tried. Only way to find out is to try it yourself.
  5. Apex 1.0.0B4 an OP client?

    "Why are you sharing with an OP client?" Why wouldn't you? DC about file sharing, and you use (share with) whatever client you want to if we're talking about "legitimate" clients. Some people OP with plain DC++ or non-OP clients, wouldn't it be dumb to bombard them with "Why are you OPping with an user client?" ;)
  6. Client Emulation

    When you first enter a hub the client automatically enables emulation (I think), and it's also available from favorites as Satan said.
  7. Search beahviour

    Currently there is no "Refresh IP every [preset] minutes" feature in ApexDC++. Either use "Auto update IP on startup" if it's enough and works out for you, or follow the guide and get a dynamic DNS (no-ip is good too).
  8. Move several user commands at a time

    Excellent idea, second it. :stuart:
  9. It's not a bug, ApexDC++ simply doesn't have it. Don't make hub selection too complicated, just use Shift + click and Ctrl + click.
  10. Raw Commands for Ptokax hubsoft

    Just merge the raw commands with the PtokaX/Grimoire hub side commands.
  11. Apex remains in systray

    I experienced something similar like this right after quitting from a game, but waiting a few seconds in my case works out.
  12. ApexDC++ problem

    Don't use speedmod, it screws up everything. ;-)
  13. ApexDC changes

    Don't replace TGO! ;)
  14. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 4

    What about the incorrectly displayed uptime? It didn't exist in the previous versions.