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  1. For those that does not know it, The message "Someone is trying to use your client to spam ..."etc is there for YOUR protection, it tells YOU that a hub YOU are in are insecure and that it is allowing its users be used for attacking others on the internet.

    Its as simple as that.

    Removing the warning is simple - but do you really want it removed?


  2. version ApexDC++ 1.2.0b

    When playing around with a small script I noticed a behaviour that I do not know if its correct or not, it sure was ugly though :)

    When I set "UseFavNames"Use details in favorites to identify hubs" to enabled

    i get the same string for hub:getHubname()

    but if its unset I get the proper string.

    is this a bug or the intended behaviour. (i hope its a bug :blushing: )

    I was connected to dc dev public and it was there I noticed it as they have a very long title

  3. The first one when turned on means that when settings are opened the last page you were on (when previously using settings) is visible straight away rather than the general page.

    Nice, I noticed the changed behaviour, but I didnt associate it with that setting :P

    The second, well set it to anything higher than 1... then try entering a multiline chat message in some hub/pm window (use ctrl+enter for new line) and see what happens.

    Ahh, this I like too :P (and I too have difficulties coming up with a nice short string for this).


    swedish translation attached Swedish_ApexDC___1.2.0B_Rev_1.xml

    Also avaliable on http://endator.googlepages.com/translations



  4. the answer isnt to hard so i dont know why no one has answered (me I cant remember seeing the post before so I got no defence for myself)

    The client is still trying to download the file from the user you added the file from, that has not changed as far as I can tell.

    What it does however and that is what you are seing is that it is also making a search for that TTH and downloading a partial filelist from every client that supports that, and adding every hit as a source (the search is not logged though).

    This behaviour you can disable in settings / queue / "Automatically search for alternative TTH source every x minutes".

    Uncheck that and the client will no longer search for files that you have added in your dl queue.

  5. Not sure what to tell you, except for the usual stuff, check your pc for virus/trojans. And dont force your dc client to do more than your pc can handle.

    If you start to see issues like this, restart the client and do /rebuild, it will rebuild your hash data if anything got corrupted.

    Also temporarily removing your ADLsearch.xml (if you use one) as this can also be a reason for strange behaviour.

  6. Cool, now I understand you much better :)

    Unless there is a bug somewhere ApexDC++ should not add a file to the queue with the same name as an already existing filename (this applies to both filenames in the queue and in the final download location).

    Apex should issue error messages like :

    A file with the same hash already exists in your share

    A file with diffent tth root already exists in the queue

    A file of equal or larger size already exists at the target location

    So if you want to download multiple files with the same name, at the moment you must save them to different folders

  7. There can be at least three explanations to files changing priority, all of them are located on the Queue tab in settings.

    1) Use Auto Priority by default, is checked

    2) The boxes on the top of that tab with size settings are set.

    3) File name matches any of the strings set in either of the two boxes for highest or low