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  1. Old-style flags

    Yes, You can Must open apexdc.exe - check in tree view "PNG" and change value: new flag to old flag. Programs open f.e. resource hacker or other.
  2. Spam Filter in PM's

    Have problem with this plugin. I download antispam012 and unpack to ..\ApexDC++\Scripts\(antispam.lua) I put plugin: LuaPlugin.dll (v2.0.0.0) to ..\ApexDC++\Plugins\(LuaPlugin.dll) When I start application & plugin doesn't work - (don't show enything). How I must to do to working plugin? btw I read "how to use.txt" and I add last line to antispam.lua What I'm doing wrong?
  3. Spam Filter in PM's

    I have problem with last version(1.2) apex show me this: ^ Failed to load antispam.lua: %1 Is not a valid win32 application where is the problem?
  4. Missing GeoIP Flags's propably my fault because I wrote that Virgin Islands U.S. isn't in 330.png but really is between Venezuela and Vietnam. I wrote that is my mistake a few posts above good work! btw can change topic name :stuart: :D
  5. Missing GeoIP Flags

    You forgot about: Jersey, Virgin Islands U.S. Look few posts up :stuart: edit: sorry, my mistake! i forgot this country flag are in 330.png Please delete this post
  6. Missing GeoIP Flags

    btw ApexDC++ doesn't show flags(instead of the flag shows a question mark) GG - Guernsey IM - Isle of Man At the moment I found these 2 countries. edit: next is JE - Jersey VI - Virgin Islands, U.S :)
  7. Fast Reply option

    In my opinion, "full edit" is better because can use many features. In the "fast edit" can only text.. how well I remember :)
  8. Forums upgraded to IPB 3.0

    I look at the page and missing: + view new posts in my topics -> click to view + shoutbox on the main page -> not to assume unnecessary topics + other forums icons in main page. Maybe ApexDC++ icons other colors... I don't know Several other: + flag mod -> click to view but others icons(flag), maybe like this: + New emoticons, for example: tango is very pretty and I think that is good for this style forum ^These are my proposals :blushing:
  9. Forums upgraded to IPB 3.0

    good that the Forum is developing. Modifications would be useful.. Good job! btw All emoticons doesn't show.
  10. Apex themes

    You can download from here by ~pshena I'm glad that you like it edit: Sorry, my mistake. I add wrong link, now it's OK :P
  11. Celebrating 4 million downloads

    My congratulations Direct Connect is the best P2P network - ApexDC++ is the most user-friendly application It's my opinion.
  12. Show us your desktop

    This is my
  13. ApexDC++ Translations

    Polski 1.2.1 + znaki diakrytyczne ApexDC_1.2.1_PL.xml
  14. Apex themes

    General window Searching Progressbar colors Colors & fonts Users list slawekebi.dctheme
  15. Downtime update (back online)

    Hi, why my account was deleted? I registered 25.06 and Today must have registred again..