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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Me too mate, quite nice this 19'' wide. Then got something else too, but they not so important. *goes back to eat some more ham* PS. Forgot, Happy New Year in advance.
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Cristhmas team, and ofcourse everyone else too. Edit: About food, yeah, Ham here too not big one but still prety nice one (5,5Kg). That's all I need, poor that it wasn't too juicy or then it kept everything in so I'm litle short of sauce, but will improvise something. Presents hmm, can or can't wait, still nice to have some, give too of course. Umm, anything else? Yeah, snow is about gone, but it's warm(0-5C+) so no probs. Did I forgot something? PS. Is it snow or why does this cursor in box flicker?
  3. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    TGO very nice hub, have been there for sometime now. It's prety active and relating clients it's easy to find help.
  4. Updates

    Nice work with new board. Also gratz for 150k next will be 200k.
  5. Disable TTH hashing

    You don't have hash them any way? Or then you could choose what you want to share now and add just them.
  6. just a few ideas

    Browser useless, and if IE I have to block whole client cause I block IE now. So there is litle change to two files have same TTH, bad could be so good option, maybe some other way to chek that it is same file?
  7. Right-Click menu aling bug with your own nick.

    Yea, I think that is the problem, exept I get for that kind of message commands from every hub.
  8. Right-Click menu aling bug with your own nick.

    Ok when I tested it I have same problem on my own hub (YnHub 1.033) but it appears only when I'm on many hubs.
  9. Right-Click menu aling bug with your own nick.

    Here is pic, bit edited but should get the picture.
  10. I got message about pm-disabled on certain hub when I tryed to pm, but i cant see all options of right-click menu because it gets too low.
  11. noob needs help

    Open your download queue in top bar one with blue folder and clock(in 3.0, first in others I think) there you can find everything that you are loading. Just find the folder right-click it and press remove.
  12. just a few ideas

    No need for browser, others are nice. Real opinion: TTH search like ADL would be realy good, it could make baning people for forbiden material lots more easier. You could gather list of files that are surely banable for certain hubs and when cheking lists you could easily ban all that match, or even on autochek. What is probality that two files get exactly same TTH-root?
  13. Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3)

    Grats. Quite fine from first glance, hope that can get 0.4 soon. ;D Still liked old icons more.
  14. More clear show about limit than [L:*]

    I know that, but there is option that just L: is not good in description, so it could be made more clear.
  15. More clear show about limit than [L:*]

    Tag is ok, but option for description is what I am looking for.