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  1. obaint 2Kb/s free in upload

    WOW!! amazing, ty!!! :)
  2. obaint 2Kb/s free in upload

    yes... i know it isn't a good way.... and i have said it yet but the answer is: r u a leech if u want to reserve just 2 kb of ur bandwich? imho who downloads from u doesn' t realise the difference (but my browser and my download do it)... in this case u sholdn't feel a leech... shouldn't it?
  3. Hi... after bittorrent i'm back to dc and again on apex... well... i request an option to obtain a certain (poor) quantity of upload bandwich... let me have just 2 kilobyte to send my ACKs :crying: Why? When i download, i cannot use my browser because of continuos timeout. My line has 4Mb (~400Kb) in down and just 30Kb in up..... so if i use the upload limit at just 28kb, my download will be 200Kb... in this case for having only 2 kb of upload to surf the net, i waste 200kb for my download. What do u think about this need? Imho 2k suck in down but sounds like gold in upload... i have thought 2 possible solutions... increase the multiplier from 7x to Nx ( i dunno... but u have to consider the ratio between up and down of the most popoular adsl... i'm not sure it is the best way... ) or u can improve your client with a flag to obtain the 2kb without descreas the speed of download (but in this case the client has to know the total of bandwich available... i'm unsure...). i'd like to know ur opinion :shifty: bye...
  4. 1 million downloads achieved

    GJ guys!!! :crying:
  5. multidownload.... why just 10 segment?

    exactly!! the isp of my country, italy, give us just 256kbit/s in up (the down is about 640k, 4m, 8m... but in any case just 256k for the up)... now.... if i want to download a movie in my language i have to download from italians who have 32Kbyte/s / 3 (min of slot/user...) = 10K/slot... and this is optimistic.... obviously! the number of slot allows in apexdc is just 10... so my download bandwidth are 100K... this value isn't bad but may be better :)
  6. multidownload.... why just 10 segment?

    the situation is so heterogeneous that is impossible said "10 is better than 69" (i.e. my case)... however each one has to test his connection and set it with 10 or 69 segment... yeah... i agree with u... if i finish my download i can get free the slots and share that i have just downloaded
  7. multidownload.... why just 10 segment?

    but if i take 10 slot and my download take me 100 minutes or i take 100 slot and my download take me 10 minutes isn't the same? in this way my download is better, the slots of each people aren't engaged too long and the people in queque don't wait too much over a long time span. yeah!! "can decrease"... but i should be free to decide...
  8. if my bandwich is good and my cpu is a conroe why i have to been limited in the number of segments? revconnect is unlimited and is very popular for this! i have tested clients with unlimited segments and i have never had a problem... the clients are stable and don't crash pls enjoy a real multidownloading!!! :)
  9. [Bug] Number of windows.

    hi! i found a bug... if i have a lot of windows opened (i.e. hub or search or favorites....) the list (that u can see in the picture) doesn't show me all the windows...