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  1. Unable to move messages

    Hi, trying to move a Personal Message from the (default) Inbox folder to a created "Saved" folder isn't working. Something's going on, as the (added) folder isn't showing up in the drop-down (if that's, even, how it's supposed to work; since I can't see it :)) Attached screenshots from, both, Firefox and Opera browsers; looked too big to add into the post, so I'll try to Submit Topic - and see what happens! P.S. Um, there's no Preview Topic option (!), when making a new post here on the forums? o.0 Edit: Oic., the attached images got auto-added into the post @the bottom!..
  2. IMDB

    Right, thanks.
  3. IMDB

    Just right-click and copy Filename from the Download Queue, because many will have punctuation(s) and/or other things in the title...
  4. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 5

    Sure, hey just delete the post please - should've sent a PM or something :F
  5. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 5

    Hi, http://www.apexdc.net/releasenotes/1.0.0b5/ has got the wrong link: http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=1916 ...instead of: http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=2340 or this topic :)
  6. Problems with Internet Explorer opening URL's

    Yeah it's teh Vista Inspirat :)
  7. Problems with Internet Explorer opening URL's

    ..you can control all that through Folder Options 2 right
  8. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 4

    ..the client is damn near perfect in rooms (like OP chat or whatever) you can double-click on names to get typed out, then there's the difference of "+me" and "/me" which shows (very nice), etc.; awesome job, too cool it's neatly done, is what I'm trying to say; very smart..
  9. Problem

    VlaJe po screenshotu se vidi da je u pitanju Windows Vista? o.0 Btw., Alt+PrintScrn daje samo aktivan prozor, a PNG daje cistiju sliku: hm izgleda je ipak samo tema za xp? :F
  10. Serbian Forum

    Ok yeah, bad joke about advertizing.. I suppose it was put that way because @ our hub many (out of ~2000 active users) don't know for example, what "icon" means :S So hub-specific means to them: they'll be there like forever xD You know it's like linking to micro$oft's active pages f.a.q. when asking about server-side scripting.
  11. Serbian Forum

    The (pinned) topic: Podrška za ApexDC++ na srpskom jeziku in the Serbian forum has a lot of typing errors, as does the rest of the texts and more importantly the instructions link in the topic is in regards to a specific hub only (kind of like bad advertizing, with the spelling and all ) - it could confuse and possibly misinform someone viewing DC++ for the first time.
  12. Status: Where is my Beta 3?

    It would be nice to still have the tray icon showing, even when not minimizing for the visual notification of new private messages..... sorz wrong place to post this :/
  13. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 2

    That's ok, cool.. Thanks for the reply; just thought it looked cool in the dialog, but it's all good :D
  14. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 2

    Any plans on bringing the session stats back?..
  15. History page added

    Yes! Now I don't have to answer 1000 times a day why ApexDC++ is the superior client Someone didn't run a spell check btw