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  1. I think I found a way :) . Just make sure Apex cant write anything into the "<ApexDir>/Settings/Filelists" dir.You can encrypt it and that way apex will give u error when trying to open the file list("Could not open target:Access is denied").But that way u must decrypt the folder everytime u wanna really open a filelist(or have 2 instances of apex).

    Hope I helped....

    EDIT:I though that 'check user on join' was a fuction which downloads every new user's filelist so it can check it for fakeshare(or if he doesnt disconnect me).Sorry for that.But you can still download every user's filelist manually :) .

  2. But as you can see we don't :D

    You dont answered or dont dislike spying ?And if u did like 'spying' - it'd have be implemented.So its kinda logical that you(or most of the devs) dont like it.

    So, BBnet3000 let me tell how search spy actually works.First you must know how search works - your client sends rq(rq == request) to all of the users (the client know theit IPs from the hub)(Or it was the hub who makes the search ? I dont remeber.So if im wrong please corret me ) and if the users have a file fitting the description they "answer you" and you get a new line in your search results.Search spy actually remembers and counts these rq-s .So any client (if configured) can show you the IPs and if already has associated an IP with a current user - to show you the user's name directly.

  3. Sounds will increase Apex install size.Maybe making several editions of Apex: 'Normal' edition - only one theme , no sounds and 'Extended' edition - several themes , many emo-s , sounds and PG.

  4. uncheck "Remove diacritic marks...." (and so on) in Settings > Appearance :)

    I was gonna say that too, but i made a test with my Apex : "Remove diacritic marks...." was unchecked.I typed "ä ö ü" in the MC - they appeared as "a o u".I sent a PM to a friend asking him to copy it and send it back to me (he's with Apex too) and they appeared as "a o u" again.Maybe it's hub related ?

    Hubs provide information about the clients, as well as file searching and chat capabilities

  5. WTF ?!? The dumbest rule I've ever heard about.

    PS:How can they know are they in your favs?You cant share you favs.xml in dc. ( Well as an evil genius i made a plan to download every favorites.xml in my local hub and steel users' passwords.And guess what - there were no favorites.xml! and im sure that there are ppl who shared their whole dc clients :) .i made a little test - shared mine dc++ and favorites.xml wasnt included in my FL. damn)

    PPS:Just a joke,i'd never do such a thing , just wanted to experiment.(and to prove the fact that passwords need to be encrypted)

  6. edit: ohh and removing the 'bolding' of the HUB tab when a new message has been posted, couse it changes the width of the tab. maybe replacing it with a color change of the text or underline effect, anything just not the bold effect.

    such estetic changes would definitely differ Apex from Strong, make it pretty unique.

    If you want to remove the bolding effect : "Settings" / "appearance" / "tab bolding on content change" and deselect what ever you want.