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  1. OK,if you haven't changed your temporary dir,just delete "DCPlusPlus.xml" inside settings dir and you'll have all your settings deleted(i guess you haven't changed anything in settings so it's no loss).Copy apex's folder to the new location.Then start apex,you favorites and queue will be the same, tmp files will be there and your ready to dl:) If you have changed it,ill explain.
  2. There's no need to reinstall it (unless you want it to appear in add/rem. progs) So long story short: copy your apex folder, open apexdc.exe,set your tmp/logs/cert. directory/ies and start downloading :)
  3. Import settings

    Impossible is nothing :thumbsup: I can make an .exe that removes particular settings(strings) from given file, dunno why split favorites, doesn't apex store fav.users in favs.xml ? So does DC++ AFAIK. I thought users.xml was now obsolete...
  4. Segmented downloading techniques

    Apex/Strong does it job correctly, your hardware f*cks up things...
  5. Segmented downloading techniques

    It aint our job to find problems in ppl's computers, dc is for dl/ul,chating and so on (p2p stuff)
  6. Yes, if you want you can reset all your settings by deleting "DCPlusPlus.xml" inside settings dir (that doesn't include favs,queue). Your tmp dir will be the default one (ApexDC_Dir/Incomplete), so everything should work (if you haven't changed your tmp dir, then you still need to change it). If you transfer apex to the same dir as the old one (f.e C:\Program Files\) and if you haven't changed your tmp dir, just 'copy folder' method will work :)
  7. exception report

    Bugs and crashes are caused by coding errors, your 'new' apex is the same as the old one (i admit that maybe it'll work better with your new settings though) Devs will now look through your crash report, they will try to find the root cause and fix it. If they succeed this will be fixed (if not already) in the next release. So please be patient :)
  8. Copy your apexdc folder to the new place(your queue,settings and favorites are there),copy your temporary directory(if it's not the default one,by default it's in apexdc dir (named "Incomplete")) and then set it in settings. And you are ready to download :wacko:
  9. Segmented downloading techniques

    There's no point in adding something, because of your hardware problems, that could help sometimes to some users.
  10. Segmented downloading techniques

    Thats luck,maybe after a PC restart strong/apex will download everything correctly.
  11. Small PM issues

    Speaking of IPB bugs - i waited "-10" minutes after another 30 minutes when i tried to login with wrong pass. Oh and BTW I cant change my - gives me error.Now I'm forced to be 99 y.o (I don't want any b.d.)
  12. Segmented downloading techniques

    I don't understand what happened with the 'hole', so - no. What makes you believe there wont be corruption when you download smthng with DC++ ? There's no escape from hardware failure... And you want devs to implement them in strong/apex ? Why do you even continue arguing ? BM clearly stated he wont add your 'technique'...
  13. [Support] Can't compile

    I cant think of anything else but to remove DirectXSDK both from include and library files. (You get errors IDirectDraw and this is in ddraw.h,so maybe this will help)
  14. forum down time

    I don't have any problems now.
  15. [Support] Can't compile

    Sorry, not all of us are free 24/7 or can help in all cases. So, about your problem - if you have included Zlobomir's ddraw.h there's no need to include dxsdk. (Or atleast I think so,I don't have it installed and I can compile).Trunk is the folder in which apex src is.(After extracting) And some minor stuff I dont think that will help but anyway - My WMPSDK10\include is above ddraw in includes.Also ddraw.h must be in the folder ddraw,not f.e DDRAW/ddraw/. Please,post your latest errors here,maybe i/or somebody else/ will think of something.
  16. please feel free to edit this "Experts only" settings explained Webserver settings: Port - port number for the webserver. User - username for the webserver. Password - password for your nickname. "Shutdown Action" - the action to be performed when the "shutdown computer" button in apex is engaged. "timeout" - time to wait after pressing the button to perform the given action (in seconds). "Rollback" - bytes to redownload if corruption in a download occurs. "Write buffer size" - how many kBs need to be downloaded so it is written to harddisk. "Socket read size" - how many bytes are read from socket at once. "Socket write size" - how many bytes are written to socket at once. "Max Hash speed" - maximum hash speed (in MB/s). "PM History" - how many lines of chat from log history to show in a PM window. "Max. compression level" - maximum zlib compression level in a transfer. "Auto refresh time" - time to auto refresh your filelist. "Dwnld attempts/second" - maximum download attempts per second. "Max tab rows" - maximum tab rows to be shown, if exceeded, tabs will open in the background. "Search history" - maximum search queues to remember "Minimum search interval" - minimum time to wait between 2 searches (so there's no search spam). "Max sources to match" - maximum number of filelists which Apex will download for automated match queue. "Max sources for autosearch" - maximum number of sources a file already has before Apex won't autosearch for the file. "Transferlist double click action" - self explanatory. "Chat double click on user action" - self explanatory. "Userlist double click action" - self explanatory.
  17. Compiling ApexDC++

    Please make sure you have included stlport/lib in library files and not in include files.
  18. Tray icon color change option

    np, glad to have helped :)
  19. ApexDC++ OP

    AFAIK there's no difference in the commands for normal and op version.After all, the op version isnt out yet...
  20. Tray icon color change option

    I wanted to show manual ways to do this, I'm not against adding this "feature" (I am not against adding any(almost) feature )
  21. Tray icon color change option

    Way no.1 to do this manually - open ApexDC.exe with ResHacker and change the icon. Way no.2 - download the source, change the icon there and compile it.
  22. Cyclic Redundency Check problem

    //offtopic again Sometimes I joke, sometimes I speak seriously, sometimes both :)
  23. Cyclic Redundency Check problem

    //offtopic Everything that has Micro$oft/Window$ in it's name sucks :)
  24. Share Hiding

    It is possible and it will be more straight forward in my point of view - just select your FL.(the same as saying that the most straight forward way to enter several hubs is with several instances) Your method's downsides: 1.Several clients take more HDD space. 2.You have to use several apex instances,imagine if you want to follow 5 hubs and 5 PM chats each on different instance... 3.More RAM and CPU. 4.Different logs,statistics,settings. New method's downsides: - None (or at least I don't see any...) And if you still wanna use your way, then do it. Every user can chose for himself...
  25. Compiling ApexDC++

    It shouldn't blink fast, it must extract itself.So do all the steps again, do not rename anything, run install.bat and wait for it to finish.In the end, the whole STL folder must be 50MB+ at least.