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  1. PGP features

    Can u add functions like : "dont use PGP for favorite users" or "dont use PGP for ops". And if possible instead of disconnecting userz - not to respond to em (so theyll get connection timed out)
  2. Progress bar tags explained

    You will notice little ticks in the beggining of progressbars in v.0.2.2 ( and higher i guess ).They're purpose is to give You a quick idea how fast your Upload / Download speed is - the more ticks - the faster.You can configure them from Settings / Appearance / Progressbar colors.The maximum number of ticks is 5 , minimal is 1.The left ticks are yellow / orange , the right are red.
  3. Close button

    Well just for comfort ( we can DL files now with apex - why do we need to improve it ??? Isnt the purpose of forums to discuss new features, problems, etc ? ).Apex is running all the time on my PC during the last several days.And im used to open apex , DL something and close it or use close for minimize ( i do that in bitcomet all the time ). Pressing the close button is far more easy than the minimize button (Yes i know - im very lazy) - just move the mouse right and up and press the left button without even watching, u dont have to position the mouse cursor over one place. And the more extras apex has - the better.Afcourse there are more important things to do now,but if one day u become bored - u will have smthing to do .U may lock the topic now.
  4. Close button

    I meant to be an option.And apex has tray icon so it wont be a problem.
  5. Private messages disabling

    Good evening.If you wanna disable the balloon popups on new private messages go to options/appearence/balloone popups and deselect what ever you want.if you wanna disable private messages from a specific user - there's a 'ignore' function - select a user - right click - ignore user.hope i was of help.
  6. PGP features

    OK, appreciated.
  7. [Support] Progress bar question

    it was a pleasure.hope u enjoy apex dc
  8. [Support] Progress bar question

    havent notived that.and stealthy is a DC client
  9. [Support] unable to dload filelists

    As i said try passive , try active ( who knows it might work and u dont have to DL filelists to Dl a file - use search.And try conecting to ALL userz
  10. [Support] Progress bar question

    let say u DL with 10 KB/s - only one 20% but if u DL with 1 MB/s - 100% (and it even turns red ) in stealthy u can custominize that feature
  11. [Support] unable to dload filelists

    U didnt answer do u have real IP.and can u DL from the users u cant Dl their FL?i find this internet connection iz f*cked up (i mean alot) , i dont have real IP (they dont even provide such "extras") and i can only connect to 1/3 sometimes 1/2 to all the ppl in one hub
  12. Resuming incomplete files

    Have u even read a single line from this guide???
  13. [Support] unable to dload filelists

    Try DLing all filelists.If u cant download a single one, ==> u have a connection problem.
  14. [Support] Progress bar question

    if the DL / UL speed is high,u will see it full.if your speed is low it will be like on ypur example And there are no stupid questions
  15. [support] Connection timeout

    It gives u con.timed out to all users (i mean absolutely all) or its just several.Try with some other hub closer to your location,try active,try passive and are u sure u have real IP as zlobomir said
  16. Ctrl + F

    10x , i havent noticed it
  17. Windows resizing

    Lets say i resize the windows (move the <main chat - users list> line left) or remove 'exact share' from users list and i open some new hub the windows will be in the default possition and ill still see the exact share.Sometime doing this in many hubs takes a while so can u add an ability to disable / enable this?
  18. Search Spy

    ive niticed that in apex the search spy doesnt show who made the search.And it will be good if search spy had a clear option(instead of closing it)And if its possible to have search spy 2 who wont delete the stats after u close apex /or such option/( i dont want search spy2 to show me the results from the point i started apex , i want to show me the overall results) and one more : i know that count if increased even if 1 user makes 10 equal searches add a option count to increase only if the search is made by another user, so search spy results will be realistic.
  19. [Bug] Apex CPU++

    Once when i started Dling a .run file apex started to take 99% of my CPU.i restarted my apex - nothing.Resterted my PC - no effect.Closed al processes (even my antivirus) - the same.Had to empty the queue to return to normal.(BTW i was DLing a file with the same name but with .exe extension , no problem.but when i started the .run - then it started)
  20. Search Spy

    I dont have such tab (like 'IP' or 'user') And i know that download filelist trick - but DLing 500 filelists takes some HD space and time and resources.
  21. Search Spy

    Ok, 10x I appreciate it.
  22. Notepad Auto Scroll

    It will be good if i open notepad and is the so much stuff in it wont fit on the screen notepad to auto scroll to the bottom.(and when i type something to go at the last line , not at the top one)
  23. Tray RC Options + Protection Password

    U misunderstood me - i didnt say hes lazy.Just giving a tip if he doent wanna waste time.if i offended anyone please excuse me.
  24. i noticed that even if protection password is set when u right click the tray icon u can still enable / disable speed limits , see 'about' , etc.I dont want somebody do remove/enable my speed limit nor to see my ratio ( in 'about' ) or see which my default DL dir is. OFFTOPIC : after i restarted my PC my posting problem is gone.
  25. Spaces after hub's address

    Zlobomir contact me @ skype