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  1. blog 2.0 Development: Mac OS X

    Omg!!! I want it, want it, want it!!!!!
  2. release ApexDC++ 1.5.6 has been released

    Thank you for adding my hub list, I will do my best! Also I'll update my ukrainian translation as soon as possible.
  3. Additional hublists

    I opened (beta version for now) of my worldwide hublist called UAPEER. I want to ask you to include it in Apex, as it's a serious project. Thank you.
  4. AndroidDC

    What is main page to see updates?
  5. flexdc

    Here is another question. My hub (NMDC) uses windows-1251 only. How to set FlexDC in this encoding? UPDATE #1: Go into project editing. In file line 35 change windows-1252 to windows-1251 or another one you use on your hub. Thx for help =).
  6. flexdc

    Hi! How to run it on Linux server? UPDATE #1: [HOW TO] Flash policy on Linux server. Finally I figured out how to allow FlexDC to run on Linux server. 1) Warning! You need python to be v. 2.6+ (for CentOS use epel repository because regular yum install python gives 2.4 only). 2) Download attached archive, upload files from it to any folder on a destination server where dc hub is running. 3) Istall it using # bash ./ 4) Start service # service flashpolicyd start (it should be already configured to start on system boot). 5) You are done! Try to connect with hub using FlexDC. P.S: You can edit flashpolicy.xml before installing according to your requirements. UPDATE #2: [HOW TO] Import source files in Flash Builder v.4.5. I was almost broke my head when tried to add the source of FlexDC into Flash Builder. Author, it would be very cool of providing as addition entire flash builder project, cuz so much problems path structures. Anyway, step-by-step doing next: 1) Get Flash Builder 4.5. Install it and guess you need an activation. 2) Create new project in File->New->Flex Project and call it flexdc. Leave all options by default. 3) Mark all files and res folder from flex-src and grab them by mouse in "src" in expanded tree in flash builder. You will get 2 errors about wrong structures. 4) Double click on end in the top of code make it looks like this: package { 5) Same with 6) Press Save and Refresh. You are just got another error. 7) Go into flexdc.mxml on line 18, find end edit itemrenderer to this: itemRenderer="flexUser" 8) Press Save and Refresh. It's done, now you can do next whatever you need with this project. Also i provided exported FlexDC's project if you are don't want to do all that. Look in attachments. You'r welcome! :) Python_init.7z flexdc_project.7z
  7. Translators needed

    I can translate to Ukrainian with high quality too My work you can also see at DC++ website