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  1. Raw Commands

    Whats the equvivalent for "<%[myNI]> +report %[userNI] is sharing forbidden files containing: %[userCS]|" in an ADC-hub? The old command just wont work anymore?
  2. Option not to share empty directories

    I would gladly test it for you if you would consider to add the feature once again!
  3. Possible to set different folder for every hub?

    I would REALLY like this option too!
  4. Option not to share empty directories

    Hi, i've searched the forum but i can't seem to find any answer for my question! The problem is that the option not to share empty directories disappeared in release 1.3.0. If it hasn't disappeared then please tell me where i can find it and if it HAS disappeared then please re-add that option. TIA / Silverridge