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  1. spellchecking

    Hunspell better then aspell 'cos hunspell based on aspell and implement some really great functions and support more languages. Also dictionaries for hunspell really smaller (on HDD and in RAM) but much complicated. For aspell in Russian words you need to add words "работает", "работал", "работать" e.t.c. as separate words in hunspell it's one word with modifications. Also it work in a other language with many versions for one word in various cases. E.g. in English "work", "works", "working" e.t.c. p.s. Aspell and Hunspell still have troubles with languages like Arabic. In this language words on paper written without spaces.
  2. Sound for commands

    Everywhere where I found sounds for actions I'm try to DISBLE this annoying sounds. Why? 'coz I like silence... rly like. I like to hear music and don't like disharmony and cacophony. Try to add sound for dload start, dload complete, upload start, upload complete, incoming PM, pressing key on keyboard, sending message to PM, sending message to HUB... Now start downloading big folder with images and talk with somebody... and play any music in you favorite player... what you hear? CACOPHONY!
  3. Global hotkeys

    Thank you, MiRaGe. I'm try this program. I think it's all I need. :)
  4. Global hotkeys

    I say about really simple procedure... not QoS. QoS -- reserving part of channel for some programs (and dynamically change this part). But I don't see any game, what use QoS. I say about... remember how you setup FireWall for blocking\allowing access to network for programs. You select executable file of the program and when firewall see what this program executed and try access network -- they give\block access to network for this program (I know, what firewalls doing this in more complex way, but we need to know only this). In DC in config on special page user add to list path and name of executable files which DC must monitor. If one of this files started (or trying access network) -- DC instantly enable "limited" mode. Constantly limited, not dynamic. Like click on "Limit speed" button on toolbar but automatically and with another limits (specified on page with list of programf to minitor). When program closed (and only after this) DC remove limitation. I'm don't say about monitoring network activity of program. Program started -- limitation enabled. Program stopped -- limitation disabled. Not QoS. Also auto-limiting mode need for decreasing use of CPU when user start some program which need all power of CPU (...yes, it's games).
  5. Universal Smilies .. or something like that.

    Emoticons -- I'm hate it (but in most cases forget to disable) coz they break text and concentrate perception on them. Replaceble emoticons -- good idea, coz some peoples want see another em-ns... If they want -- they can. But em-cons codes everywhere identical. Also you can make little one-letter-size em-ns. Customizable emoticons -- bad idea! Coz in every pack used unique em-codes! And we in this stupid condition... How to resolve problem? Exist tree ways! 1. Limit number of emoticons and HARDCODE em-codes for them... Oh! I'm already hear cry of peoples who like em-s with angels, dogs and other useless stuff. 2. Create some standards for giving names for em-codes and make list of regular em-codes... AND if em-pack don't use standard naming and have em-codes not from list -- FORBID loading this pack! If author of pack want add new em-n they should say "please add this new stupid em-code to the list"... (and those, who manage this list should say "No! It's crap!") Right... this way maybe impossible. 3. Include em-ns into message and send message with imagefile... But this way -- really stupid way. And don't try make uni-em-pack... coz in next new em-pack some stupid guy place new em-code!
  6. Universal Smilies .. or something like that.

    Oh! Sorry for doubleposting... Please remove this message.
  7. Global hotkeys

    For online games best solution is automatic speed limitation. DC will monitoring processes and, if found one of predefined, will automatically decrease speed. After closing this process -- limitation must restore to normal.
  8. I'm also use long pwds. Why not to increase size of window for pwd???
  9. Global hotkeys

    Hmm... Maybe you searching something like this:
  10. Remove or Improve Tab Bolding

    Wow! There is really interest ideas about bolding text on tabs. I'm also like fulDC settings for tabs. p.s. 2Seeker: 10x. There I'm was wrong, 'casue don't use search. :D
  11. Seperate 'Filelists Transfers' Tab

    Hmmm... Nice idea. Really nice idea. I'm also hate this filelist U\L progressbars. 10-15 peoples download my filelist at same time! I'm really don't want know they progress! :D
  12. In Apex Speed Mod you can click in PM page and see "Summary user report" (yeah, Ð.Sp!dér also use this mod). In this menu you can see how many slots have user, how big they share, what files they want download and all names of this user on all hubs... Yes, this feature really show ALL names of this user on all accessible hubs! If user on hub A and B have nick "nick1" but on hub X they have name "nick2" I see it! Why not to create uniPM window with using of this feature? If user goes out of hub A why not to automatically switch PM to hub B? p.s. Also this mod show when extraslot for selected user will be closed and can store information about extraslots for users in special file. If you add extraslot for user on week and restart DC in the middle of this period user still have extraslot! In this mod exist 'ban' function and speed limiters of users in favlist... It's not so good for spirit of DC, but in this mod already exist really many useful (and unique) functions!
  13. Now if tab-name written in bold they width bigger then width of tab with normal text. What bout ability to fix width of tab? It's annoy when tab in the and of row, 'cause if they name bolded they jump to begin of next row and when I'm click them -- thy jump back. Also it's annoy when many tabs bolded one by one. For example. Original state: | Extab 5 sgsdfgsdhsd | | Extab 1 adfdf | Extab 2 bbfsdsdg | Extab 3 dfdsg | Extab 4 d |_.(here width limit) Bolded state 1: | Extab 4 d | Extab 5 sgsdfgsdhsd | | Extab 1 adfdf | Extab 2 bbfsdsdg | Extab 3 dfdsg |__________.(here width limit) Bolded state 2: | Extab 4 d | Extab 5 sgsdfgsdhsd | | Extab 1 adfdf | Extab 2 bbfsdsdg | Extab 3 dfdsg |_________.(here width limit)
  14. Sharing GUI

    What I want to see in new sharing interface: 1. Ability to merge 2 two or more different folder into one. 2. Ability to create more then one level of virtual folders. 3. Ability to split share from one folder into many. Example 1: My friend have 2 TB (it's not a joke) of anime on 6 physical drives. On every drive they have folder 'AnimeN' and some other folders. They can't merge they collection into one folder without merging HDDrives into one claster. But if any drive in claster damaged -- all information lost! On this moment they will share they collection in 6 different folders (right it's 'ANIME1', 'ANIME2', e.t.c.). With merging feature they can create one folder 'Anime' with all files from all folders like 'AnimeN'. Also anybody who browsing they share will go inside of every 'AnimeN' folder and searching for something. With merging feature they see one HUGE folder with all they want. It's cool, right? Example for 2 and 3: I have folder 'video'. In this folder I have folders 'amv', 'gmv', 'films', 'anime', 'fun', 'documental'. Also I have folder 'video.demos'. But this folder outside from folder 'video' and physically exist on other logic drive. I want to share folder 'video', but I want to see folder 'anime' and 'amv' outside of this folder... and folder demos -- inside with name 'trailers'. Like this: video // virtual folder with binded folder 'video' to them and hidden folders 'anime' and 'amv'. --trailers // virtual folder with binded folder 'video.demos' to them ----games // subfolder from 'video.demos' ----films // subfolder from 'video.demos' --gmv --films --fun --documental anime // virtual folder --video // original name is 'anime' --amv I don't want to physically move folder 'anime' and 'amv' outside folder 'video' on my harddrive, also I don't want creating folder for 'anime' and 'amv' and share it. Now I can't make structure like this without moving folders 'anime' and 'amv' outside folder 'video'. Also... what about little progressbar on status panel with progress of updating filelist and sharing new files?
  15. Forum eats CPU

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