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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.1

    Can you, please allow us to use older version which does not crash. This time you forced us to download and use version which obviously does not work properly. Do not instruct me to report crashes as I simply have nothing to report - it just crashes all over. It happens regularly on several computers with no clues about the crash.
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Final

    I had 1.2B, and automatic upgrade to 1.2.0 did not work. I tried at three computers. It said there is problem, someone else uses file (not mentioning which file, I guess main ApexDC++ executable) Someone mentioned issue about loading partial file lists from users. I had similar complaints from few people. When they download filelist (in usual way) they get just main directory and when they want to open subdirectory, ApexDC++ downloads it separately. That was in 1.2B. The cure was to revert back to 1.1. About forcing upgrades, well, enough is said. Lots of us think that is bad policy, but it would be as developers want it to be, including their rude behaviour. When developer qotes that he has no obligations, that is serious, as that quotes are used when there are no proper answers or arguments. It comes to "it is because I say so". But, here we heard the most ridiculous argument: Microsot forces upgrades by discontiuning his products, so we can do it too. Microsoft discontinues products some ten or more years after they are published and does not force usres to upgrade in any way. EVeryone is free to use which ever version he wants, includig decisions to patch or upgrade. You discontinue products every month or so, in a way that actually disables ApexDC++ and renders it unoperative. But, as you say, you do that, just because you can. In few last versions there is even no option to disable update check, so after you published beta versions all people were abusively informed about it, and as they did not want to upgrade to beta, they had to see that popup every time they start program.
  3. Option to not ask for new instance.

    This is useful for everyone, not just W7 users.
  4. After I left ApexDC to downlaod files, I found out that some time later, all files were coloured in red with status 'no users to download from'. ApexDC simply stopped downloading files even when users with that files shgoed up again on server. I had to use Readd source option to activate file download. But, I had to do that on each single file in queue because Readd source option is not available if several files are selected. It should be.
  5. Ako je ikona netacna odna prijavis bag. Za ostala pitanja nemam odgovor, sve sto sam znao tome ja sam napisao. U raspolozivim izvorima nisam nasao vise objasnjenja.
  6. Pojednostavljeno TTH je ceksum koji je izracunat na osnovu sadrzaja datoteke. Klijent koji preuzme datoteku moze da preusme i TTH uradi ponovno izracunavanje na preuzetoj datoteci i ako se TTH poklopi znaci da je sve ispravno preneseno. Uz to TTH se koristi da se pronadje sita datoteka kod drugih korsinika, jer jedna te ista datoteka kd svakog od njih ima isti TTH. TTH ne mora uvek biti dostupan, jer to zavisi koji je klijent sa druge strane - neki ne racunaju TTH. Zlib je protokol za kompresiju isto kao sto su to ZIP, ARJ, RAR i slicni. rollback znacida se nesto vraca na prethodnu tacku. Pretsptoavljam da u DC++ protokolu toznaci da ako se nastavlja prenos datoteke, da se prenos pocinje od poslednjeg ispravno preuzetog bloka. Nastavak prenosa je situaciaj da si poceo preuzimaej datoteke od nekoga pa je taj prenos prekinut, nebitno zbog cega. U mommentu kad aista daoteka bude raspolzovia kod bilo kog korsinika na hub-u, dc klijent nastavlja prenos od tog korisnika. Tako ti mzoes daostavis DC ukljucen danima, a on ce sam da se snadje i preuzima delove datoteke od koga god moze dok ne skine celu datoteku.
  7. Probao sam. Ne mogu ni ja da se zakacim. Ako taj hub radi onda je verovatno blokiran pristup preko IP-a.
  8. Delphi Plugin API

    Anyone ported API to Delphi?
  9. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    Why startup option is removed? That was one of the greatest improvements lately. We had no problems with it, functional and realy useful.
  10. I suggested this way to introduce what's new long time ago, but developers simply rejected it. I support this idea beacuse it does not ask for anu change in protocol, and it's 100% compatible with al DC++ clients, because it requires just imrpvement on ApexDC++ itself. However, introducing date field in files.xml is als not bad idea. I realy do not understand people who are concerned about fiel length. Date information length is really minor compared to everything else contained in files.xml. After all, we should ask that files.xml be compressed instead downloaded as plain text file. Compression would really cut down transfer duration.
  11. Forum rearragement

    Nonenglish language support should be visible on the first page. It is now burried to deep, noone would find it.
  12. I second that. It is very usual that while I am in private chat with someone, someone else pops up and i tzpe in my reply in wrong private chat. It can even be embarrasing :)
  13. [1.0.0] - few bugs

    After I upgraded to 1.0.0 i found out two problems: a) file share was reset so I had to select shared directories again :thumbsup: I cannot change width of main chat chat and user list windows. Vertical separator among them is not clickable.
  14. Koliko znam ne postoji. Datoteku za prevodjenje mozes naci u temi
  15. Why forcing ApexDC++ update?

    You are really unsensitive to others points of view (as you prooved many times before). I can even understand that you force people to upgrade in some reasonable time frame, and not to shut down his version the first moment it finds out that there is an update. Give people 30 days or so so they can upgrade when tit is suitable to do so. What you do is emidiately shutting down application and cutting people off. You behave like everyone like you has unlimited internet access and can download whenever he likes to. It is simply that: you are selfish, you do not care about other people situation and opinion.