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  1. He can't reg 10 accounts, if self reg is disabled

    Yes, self reg is disabled. But he can make 10 reg requests from different IPs during a day, for example. And use them after without any barriers.

    lack the manners for a normal communication

    As far as I see, typically such people are kids, who think that swearing etc looks very mature and cool.

  2. you don't really need to care about "is this the same guy" ... as at one point he'll have enough of the fuzz to get a reg again

    Actually, he may reg 10 accounts and switch between them easily :P.

    or be evil and tell the isp there is someone who's playing pirate from that ip

    Hehe, ISPs here don't care about pirates yet =).

  3. Community have about 1000+ members. I've been thinking about reg only allowed chat, but it's very hard to track all users' registration. Simply, I cannot say trustily if a new reg request is from the same user with another nick or from another guy :P. Also, it seems that we need to turn off ctm etc for guests too.

    Why the protocol doesn't create an unique userid as many others do :D.

  4. Please, tell me, how you guys fight with dynamic IPs in your hubs?

    I'm an OP of a region hub, all users are from one ISP which gives dynamic IPs. Hub is running Verlihub.

    All ban features like gag, noctm or ipban are extremelly IP dependant. But having dynamic IP all you need is just to reconnect to ISP and all restrictions will go away. So, ban can't stop people from doing bad things anymore. Banning whole subnet is not an option, becase it will ban all users.

    Did you ever been is such situation and how did you managed it?

  5. I do not think that linking of hubs should be a major idea for a bot :). As far as I got from protocol description, multihub room based on bot's private chat could be implemented, but it won't be very comfortable, you aren't even able to see nicklist.

  6. Multihub chat? What is it?

    I was thinking of mere chatrooms like opchat. Because, for example, game service (a-la trivia) will cause lotta mess up in hub with 1000+ online users, imho.

  7. I'm willing to write a bot for DC and possibly release it under GPL. A standalone one, something like Verlibot. Don't ask me why - just for fun :P.

    As far as i really fond of php, i would make it as an php-cli modular script with web admin interface.

    Planned features are:

    - AIML driven chatting engine

    - Extensible with external services

    - Daemon-like small core

    - Abstract protocol layer (possible IRC port?)

    One thing my knowledge lacks with is experience with hubs other than Verlihub. Are user and moderator commands same everywhere? Whats with chatroom support on other servers?

    And also, I would like to ask, is there any suggestion for bot services? Or someone wants to help with bot?) Anyone interested in such thing at all or i'm wasting my time?)))

  8. 2 Wertos

    AFAIK paypal в России уже есть, но работает только в одну сторону - т.е. ты можешь платить с него, но тебе не смогут заплатить.


    AFAIK paypal is already available in Russia, but it works only in one way, so you may pay for something, but no one can transfer money to you.

  9. I have stated this problem here

    When you change forum's language pack to russian, all forum messages looks crapy. This is because russian translation seems to be in utf-8 codepage, but you have

    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />

    so you should manually switch to UTF-8 in your browser.

    I haven't looked at ipb 2.2.x yet, maybe it have per language pack codepage settings. If not, you may try to use windows-1251 language pack, but not sure if this helps.