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  1. Better include some scripting language and trigger such events. It will be really infinite.
  2. [Crash] Download queue

    Hm... I think this one is somehow related with filelist download progressbar, which doesn't show in download queue. And qwStart has very huge value then it fails with invalid floating point operation.
  3. [Crash] Download queue

    I've got more info about how to reproduce. It 100% works in my case. Go to Waiting Users, works only if you have someone there, then close this tab, start downloading someone's big filelist, so it took some time to download, go into Download Queue, click on Filelists and... Apex would crash without a word of exception... Oh, found the reason: Unhandled exception, floating point operation. BarShader.cpp, void CBarShader::Draw Fail on while((pos != NULL) && (m_Spans.GetKeyAt(pos) <= qwStart)) crColor = m_Spans.GetNextValue(pos); }
  4. A friend of mine made some fixes and improvements to 0.2.2 version: 1) added [AWAY] into description 2) limiting limits removed * 3) range check error bug fixed 4) slow users bug 5) scrolling bug even if autoscroll is disabled 6) pressing Esc will clear message text 7) some other small fixes and a bit changed VS2005 project files 8) full file recheck on download finish (experimental) * yes, this edits are forbidden, but we here have very small up and down speeds and we use this version in one and only hub. So just ignore them). I'm just too lazy to delete them from this patch. Hope you like it and include in next release. This version is MUCH more stable than mine) 1.txt
  5. [Support][v.0.2.2] Strange emails?

    Download Apex again and replace its executable. You may also compare hashes of your Apex and newly downloaded.
  6. I'm impatiently waiting your verdict about this features, and will they appear in next release? I'm not holding to my implementation, but on idea.
  7. It's my own customization. I've just forgot to delete it from the patch. How about other features introduced?
  8. Resuming incomplete files

    Found a simple workaround. Set FreeBlocks="0 1 " and VerifiedParts=" ". Also, set MaxSegments="5". So, file should resume downloading after rechecking. I did some workaround in the source, so if all goes well, I'll submit a patch).
  9. Returning to this topic. I was downloading 2.32 Gb file for a couple of weeks (slow source). And my queue was wiped one day. I've restored it using older versions of Strong. As result - every time source return online, Apex seeks hardly something on HDD and only after that restarts. VerifiedBlocks etc aren't saved into queue.xml file. Segmented downloading ain't working at all, even though I'm not only who downloads this file and major client on our hub is Strong 2.02. Today I've also rechecked almost downloaded file (95%) with uTorrent, because there is a torrent for it, but no seeders, I have to stick with DC. So, it says, file is only 88% complete! It has couple of zero-filled gaps in the middle. As you can see, 7% of file is corrupted already! I think you must recheck the file before download restarts and also recheck it when it's finished (both are options). I hope you accept that current solution is not perfect.
  10. down?

    Something strange with their DNS. My system resolves it as
  11. This thing is REALLY annoying. It was in Strong, now it is in Apex. Sometimes then I close the client, download queue became wiped. And If I haven't found this fast, backup copy (.bak) of the queue is also wiped. Please, do something!
  12. [Bug]Download queue wipe

    BTW, If I terminate strong through task manager, I never got my queue wiped. All times I got it corrupted, it was closed using standart way.
  13. [Bug]Download queue wipe

    Zlobomir Argh, my post was pointed to BM, so don't bother about that :D
  14. [Bug]Download queue wipe

    Seems like i'm living in another universe with another physical principles... My PC is 4 years old P4 Northwood 1.8GHz with 1Gb DDR2 RAM. When I click on close button, Strong/Apex remains in memory for 10s up to couple of minutes. My queue and favourite list aren't much big - they both less than 100kb in size. So, If I wouldn't wait until it disappear from task list, my favlist or queue would 50/50% wiped. Yes, my world seems to be not so perfect as yours.
  15. [Bug]Download queue wipe

    My settings were wiped again. Now it was Favourites.xml. I'm sick of it and made a simple bat to backup vital files. tar -cf settings.tar Queue.xml DCPlusPlus.xml Favorites.xml bzip2 -z settings.tar for /F %%i in ('f:\bin\date +%%s') do move settings.tar.bz2 bak\settings.%%i.tar.bz2 tar, bzip2 and date are from cygwin installation. I run it through nnCron.
  16. Call it simple - magnet to a folder.
  17. Balloon Popup - more customisation

    Make it like popup plus 2.0x in miranda im).
  18. utlility to cleanup queue?

    Absolutelly failsafe system doesn't exist! I could speak so, because I'm an hardware engeneer (microcontrollers and so). Errors would happen, this is a rule for any system. And programmer should take into consideration any possibilities might happen in a working system and handle them.
  19. Just an idea. What if to add tiny option to autogrant extraslot for those you're downloading from for a long time :)
  20. Extra slot for source

    Another good feature related to this one might be autogrant slot for segmented download peer so seeding would be more alike torrent-style.
  21. Extra slot for source

    Very long due to the connection. An hour or so, for example.
  22. utlility to cleanup queue?

    I should say, if VerifiedParts and FreeBlocks is not present in queue.xml entry, multisource segmented downloading also won't work - it downloads only from 1 source.
  23. This was happend with StrongDC 2.02, but as BigMuscle also reading this forum, I'll post it here. Or I may repost this into his forum. Sometimes file is downloaded corrupted! Because of powerloss, download process wasn't properly closed, but finished file isn't checked in new version, so it might be corrupted. I think you should return file rechecking after download. Also, corrupted file cannot be restored by returning it into temp directory, 'cause new version just starts to download it from begining. Fix this please. Second annoyning bug is removing slow users even this option is disabled. For example you have 2 sources, one is faster than second. Say, 5 and 10 Kb/s. So total download speed is 15 Kb/s. But Strong everytime removes 5Kb/s source, so download speed is just 10 Kb/s, which is worse.