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  1. AndroidDC

    Phate - any news?
  2. AndroidDC

    I think 14 is related to 6. It seems like users are coming with new myinfos, new joins.. so the old user don't show up.
  3. AndroidDC

    Linkify should probably work something like.. TextView noteView = (TextView) findViewById(; noteView.setText(someContent); Linkify.addLinks(noteView, Linkify.ALL);
  4. AndroidDC

    True. Well, was just a suggestion. Other ideas.. by mistake pressing "back" and close it down and don't think about it. Android thinking you're not using it and needing the mem for something else(highly unlikely)? Perhaps you'll know on the way home today. My client have been running over 18½h now...
  5. AndroidDC

    TTB perhaps while you switched train, you got some bad reception? ATM I've had it running for 16h straight on.
  6. AndroidDC

    I got about the same comments as TTB. Most seems to work fine, especially since the tag is fixed. One request I got is a notification icon. Visible when the program is running. If you leave Android DC by pressing the home button, it stays active in the background, which is great, but it would be nice with an icon telling me so and it would also be an easy way back into the program. An idea Uhlik mentioned when we tried it out was emoticons, it should exist a standard set for android, so should just be a matter of pointing the trigger. Another nice thing would be vibration or notification sound when it comes new PM Only comments I got on TTBs great review are these... I'd say "Close" or "Close Tab" Odd, I haven't noticed that problem, have had it on "standby" for an hour now. Agree, very important feature. I rather have clickable links then file transfers I'll get back to you when I've used it more.
  7. AndroidDC

    I've tried it now.. The tag is a bit wonky and miss the "V:" part, I think it may be why Flexhub dislikes it, in Aquila I had to reg with the "tag" right, meaning I can login without tag. Tag: <AndroidDC,M:A,H:1/0/0,S:4> This is what the bot say in a Flexhub [invalid Connection] [1] IP: is autobanned for two hours. Message: $Key ÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ01‘ ÑÑqÑ!‘Ñ‘ ѱ±ÀÀ01†§á|$ValidateNick curse@tablet|
  8. AndroidDC

    Cool! We're a few that's been working on similar projects. We also have a little unofficial Android Hub. Feel free to PM me for info, and yes, I'd love a copy of your client :P
  9. AML 3.07 Released

    well, that was the site infrared gave me, so I thought, sure, why not use it as standard in the client, but if you want me to use another, I'll do that. Afterall AML is the best.
  10. AML 3.07 Released

    sure, I agree, if a client got OP features, it's an OP client. I just don't see why anyone would care if someone use an OP client in a hub where s/he aint OP.
  11. Linux version?

    Lee - I've been looking at the apex frontpage, and searched the forum for something called "release announcement"... guess what, no luck.. care for give us a link?
  12. some people like old dc

    both private and public
  13. New release?

    that wasn't really what I ment... but, in some places on this forum it's stated that help would be welcomed, but without something to test with, it's hard to help.
  14. some people like old dc

    even if I don't understand the ban new clients idea, I have to say: His hub, his rules, follow them or don't be there! in my hub I've banned old clients, oDC etc.. I want everyone to use clients with segmented downloads, zpipe/zline etc.. so I always recommend Apex, Strong, dc++ 0.691 and up, CrZDC++(my client) and other good clients with segment, zpipe/zline, limiter etc.. but that's my hub, my rules.. if you wanna use oDC, don't go to my hub, if you wanna use newer clients, don't go to his hub, or run dual clients
  15. Op-client ApexDC++

    firedc++? aint that Legolas new client the thing with diff shares in diff hubs, and hideshare, etc NMDC protocol don't tell what hub the request for files comes from, so it won't work afaik, BUT with hideshare in the client, at least you share 0 in the userlist, but if you are in many hubs, there is possible for users to get files from the hub you have hideshare in, and sometimes it can be problems to get your filelist in hubs you share in, since it send the 'hidesharelist' instead