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  1. if someone could help..

    Same Problem - no firewalls. - typed in the address (correctly). - positive the hub is still active. - nick on favourites page and in settings.
  2. I need help setting up ApexDC+

    Umm i was forwarded to this when i had the same problem and then blocked from re-posting in the topic i started. I also the the message "no connection because the target machine actively refused it" but it is not because my hub is down. infact i know it is not, and i know it isnt spelt wrong. all my friends who use the hub are connected as i type this..
  3. When i try to connect to unbsharing.getmyip.com it says the target machine actively refused it. I meet all the condition of connecting to this hub. i.e. i have enough content shared and the correct amount of upload slots. Also there are no firewalls on my computer blocking ApexDC. What can i do to fix this problem. ? ? ? :excl:
  4. Connection Issue

    When i try to connect to a network it say the target machine has actively refused it. what does this mean and how can i change it? - Thanks