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  1. [Support]Lines from log on new pm

    Uhm... What about Settings > Advanced > Experts only > PM history? The value you enter there is the number of last lines that are shown from your log. You just need to check that you have logging for PMs enabled (Settings > Advanced > Logs > [v] Log private chat). It is already there, pal. Though, you would be in the right place here... :)
  2. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Well, request #1 ("real-time" userlist filter) is already included in preview 0.2.1, very good solution to make it optional. Thanks to the Devs team. Requests #3 (optional 'Refresh filelist' button) and #4 (away message that is capable of multiline and random message) is rather fancy, not very important. Though they both are available in one or another client. #3 is/was i.e. in .PhantomDC++ 1.19c and LDC++ 1.00 v2a, #4 can be found in McDC++ 036. #2 (a tab completion of nicks that on one hand works with any part of nickname, independent of a prefix, and on the other hand in all windows - as PMs and OPchat windows - that belong to the hub where the user to tab-complete is online) and #5 (real direct downloading), these are the most important requests for me, actually. As for #2, this was only available in .PhantomDC++, as far as I could find out. #5 was, as mentioned above, once a standard feature until DC++ 0.401 and it's mods. Only afterwards it was changed. So this should be found in the source of any older client versions and must only be adjusted to the "Don't share forbidden files" feature present in newer clients. Here again a links collection to client's source codes: .PhantomDC++ 1.19c (outdated): source: link1, link2 LDC++ 1.00 v2a: source McDC++ 036: source DC++ all versions and sources: link
  3. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Sorry for appearing impatient... But can you already tell if the features are likely to be added? Just to know if I shall wait for next release of ApexDC or continue with my search, you know? I don't really like to settle with something less good (because of missing features) than I have now... (BTW: I'm still talking about all 5 of my requests mentioned and explained in posts above )
  4. iDemon Feature Requests

    @2 - Copy Path/Filename I agree completely with that request. Actually, I find such feature very important and useful as well. Though I didn't really notice yet that it's not present in ApexDC since I'm still stuck with my old client which has features I don't wanna give up.. (and therefore hoping for them to be added in next version of Apex)
  5. last reception from

    Not a bad idea, but I think that requires the client to be in hub 24/7 if possible since the hub does not do such logging, as far as I know. Though, I have no idea how it works in eMule&co, whether this feature there is client or server based...
  6. Notepad Auto Scroll

    Well, or you could just start adding latest texts on top of your notepad... But anyway, not a bad idea, if it's possible at all. But I think if it should be implemented, so better with an option to switch to old-style notepad, as well...
  7. Spaces after hub's address

    A little help with Google"super+seeding"
  8. User viewing his own share

    I do like that feature. But I find it rather complicated to view my file list in current clients. In my old client (.pDC++, based on BCDC++ 0.306, had it long before any other client I knew...) I just press CTRL+M (feature there is called "Open my file list") and my own list pops up. I really like it that way. Would such a shortcut be hard to implement into ApexDC? Though I think that CTRL+O (Own list as it is called nowadays) wouldn't be the best choice since in browsers, editors and some media players it normally stands for opening an URL or document or other file...
  9. Clear Chat Button

    Uhm... what about right-clicking chat windows > "Clear chat"? Shouldn't that do it as it is already there? Is this one of the secret features even you forgot about, Lee? But well, it's not a button as requested, though I actually prefer it the way it is (especially since I never ever needed such feature...).
  10. Flagging user based on his IP

    @Pedja: As far as I understand your post, you have control over your hub. So my suggestion would be to use a nickname prefix system based on the ISP's IP ranges in your hub software. I don't know what hubsoft you are using, but there are some where such feature is built-in, as YnHub and I guess also Ptokax. At least that's what we are doing on our hubs in our LAN to recognize users with slower uplinks to the rest of the LAN and therefore minimize uplink traffic and make them prefer users from their own hostels, which is also much faster for them. Furthermore, I guess in most hubs it's not activated that a normal user can see the IP addresses of all other users right after logging in. He will only see the IPs of users he already connected to, which would make such feature in the client rather useless. But well, from our LAN I cannot connect to internet hubs, so I don't know for sure. :-)
  11. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Thanx for supporting this request. Yep, that's why I don't want a new client without.. Actually, this was the main reason why I didn't switch to another client yet. You can get so used to it. In case the source of .PhantomDC helps, since this feature was built in there: At least the download section of the old .PDC homepage is back online or you can find it here. I hope the guys can and want to do it...
  12. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    @2 - Tab completion of nicknames: Since I just tested all the new clients but didn't really use them because I was too disappointed and went back to .PDC, I didn't notice this earlier: In .PDC the tab completion even worked in a PM window and in OP-Chat windows. So in what window ever you were you could tab-complete a nickname from the hub the window belonged to. And you could do that by typing ANY part of the nick, just like the userlist filter does it. So you could enter 'ber' and press the tab key to complete to 'hostel1.CrazyBerserk' and press it another time to complete to 'hostel3.strawberry' or '[prfx]bernard' - no matter what window you where in! I found this very useful, especially in Op-Chat, when talking about or quoting someone. (And also I demonstrate the prefix style on my hub, where the nowaday's tab completion doesn't work usefully since it only works after [prfx].) Just wanted to mention that to illustrate what I don't like about the currently common tab completion. @5 - direct downloading to target drive and folder: In .PDC and also in older versions of DC++ itself this was actually realized by just leaving the field "Unfinished downloads directory" in "Downloads" empty. Until DC++ 0.401 this field was named "Unfinished downloads directory (empty = download directly to target)" - does someone remember? :ermm: And again back to something older: I Just found this in the Changelog of StrongDC++ 2.01: As far as I understood, ApexDC is based on the latest version of StrongDC, so this should definitely not be a problem. So far, CrazyBerserk EDIT: Addition to @5
  13. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Hey, for those who might be interested, I just updated my DC clients checklist, according to my wishlist for my new client after .PhantomDC. You can see the list here. Crise, you give me hope. :ermm: I'd really be glad if you could find a way to include especially features 1, 2 and 5 from my wishlist in the first post. (Though I'm afraid these would be the harder ones....) So far, CrazyBerserk
  14. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Nope, it doesn't. The tab completion is just like any other current client that I found recently - unhandy for non-[iSP]-style prefixes. And neither I could find LUA in zmDC. But well, it's late here, or actually, early in the morning. I'll test the client later a little more for it's features and update it to my checklist. Thanks anyway for the suggestion. I'm still hoping for Crise's positive opinion. So far, good morning and good night, CrazyBerserk Oh, one more thing @Greg, concerning your question about modern LUA clients: I just noticed that CZDC++ and BCDC++ still seem to be in development. At least it appears so according to this list of DC clients.
  15. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Good morning. @3: Since I couldn't find .PhantomDC's sourcecode in the internet anymore, I just uploaded the SRC of .PDC's last version. Though I actually thought that there were more clients that did it once. I guess you're right, there might not be much demand for that, but still, I do think that there are more hubs, probably LAN hubs without any access to DC in the internet, that might have prefix styles other than [iSP] as my hub does. @5: In ApexDC 0.1.0's settings in the Advanced section, there is an option "Remove forbidden (Unfinihed Kazaa, Win MX, GetRight, eMule, ApexDC++). So I think the not-sharing should already be there. Well, I'm gonna search for some breakfast now. So far, CrazyBerserk
  16. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Wow, good morning Greg, that was fast. Thanks for your reply. @2 - tab completion: Yes, in some clients there is an option to cut away the [iSP] style prefix. But that's not what I mean. For a better illustration, please read the part of my thread in another forum I mentioned: For faster finding just search for the red words. @4 - multiline and random away message: In release 0.1.0 of ApexDC multiline away messages are already possible by pressing [CTRL]+[ENTER] in the away message field in the settings. Just no random yet. But yes, I think a rotating message would do it. And yes, it wasn't really meant as a priority, rather as a fancy goodie. @5 - direct downloading: No, I don't wanna set it explicitely. It's just that I have several harddisks in my computer, some of them mounted as NTFS drives into other folders. And normally I'm not downloading files via double-click but via right-click > "Download to..." and choose a destination folder other than the standard drive:\folder. So I want the temporary files to be created exactly there where the file will end up after downloading. This makes it unnecessary for the DC client to move the files afterwards. With the %[targetdrive] parameter in the "Unfinished downloads directory" field files can at least be downloaded directly to the destination drive (works with some clients, also ApexDC) and will only be moved to their destination folder, what normally is done immediately. But when the destination folder is actually another drive, mounted as a subfolder, moving the file will take some seconds or even minutes, depending on the computer and on the filesize since it still needs to be copied from HDD1 to HDD2. And furthermore, by being able to download directly to the destination location, you will never face troubles like "DC says not enough space on HDD but I have plenty of free space", just because the temp drive might be full. Hmm.. I guess that the latest versions of BCDC++ and CZDC++ could still have it. But I don't know if these clients are still in development, at all. I guess they aren't, otherwise I think I would have tested and documented them together with the first ones on my list. Well, I hope my feature requests can now be fully understood. But now, good night. CrazyBerserk