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  1. [support] umlauts

    I have seen people with SDC and ApexDC that had that setting checked, and whatever they posted to mainchat, had the äöü converted to aou. Also they saw the converted version in mainchat, although definitely writing umlauts in the first place. So this appears to me like what is sent from the client to MC is also converted. EDIT: Oh, and as far as I remember they could very well see the umlauts others wrote in MC...
  2. tell us who you are

    Hey, something for the stats lovers here.. :ermm: Nick(s): CrazyBerserk (and for secondary accounts whatever dirty nicks come to my mind...) Gender: male Age: 28 (Feb '78) Country: Germany (currently in the south-west, originated in the east) but with my heart and mood I'm somewhere in the south, close to equator, in a country where there naturally grow palmtrees... (or at least not in southern Germany) Zodiac sign: Aquarius Hobbies: DC, mistreating computers, my hub's website, alotta music, sun, beach, feeling good On DC since: first from 2001 to 2002 on public hubs, then since 2004 in DC in a campus LAN; running a hub since march 2004 Worst thing what happened on DC: one of my users who found someone with some kiddie-porn-like-named files in share on my hub and wanted to involve the authorities.. Hell, asshole with those files can really skrew one's enthusiasm about a DC hub! Second worst thing on DC: when I found out that due to recent developments my good old and perfect DC client will not be tolerated anymore by DC community Best thing what happened on DC: hm... there happened many good things, chats, events.. maybe the hub meeting this year, or when my hub rendered to be the most popular in our campus network.. Funniest thing what happened on DC: I think some of the MC dialogs that were a little skrewed by word replacements I built into my hub, something like "with" <-> "without" or "do" <-> "don't" (well, German versions of them). That can really cause some funny moments... :D
  3. Freeze

    Not much of an idea, and probably this won't help you, but I give it a shot: I recently encountered similar troubles with a dell laptop. It occassionally froze, also whenever it happened, a certain application, a mail program, was running. Without this application I couldn't reproduce the freezing crash. But I'm not sure, though. It all started after I removed the RAM. I didn't do anything with it and I also handled it very carefully. I put it right back into its slot, only wanted to see and compare what RAM there is in a laptop. And after that the computer froze again and again after running for like one hour or so, for no obvious reason. After taking that RAM bar out and putting it back inside several times, making sure there's no dirt, no hair, no whatsoever in the way, by now that laptop seems to run stable again. Also, I checked the laptop with memtest86 and other RAM and hardware checking programs, without any errors. I even had that computer running for several days nonstop without that particular mailer, without any incidences. And after the first start of that mailer there still nothing happened, not anymore. So I'm still not sure if it really was the RAM. But it started right one day after I had it opened.
  4. share per hub, known files tab

    #1: This has been discussed in several threads and isn't that easy to do. Otherwise someone would have already done it successfully, I guess. :ermm: You might search the forum to find out about the results of the other discussions. #2: Maybe not so bad. I've seen in some clients an option like "Don't download files already in share", but ApexDC appears not to have that option/feature. I couldn't find that option and neither Apex did anything like it when I just tested it. I guess that would be enough, though. Any more display like "Already downloaded" or "Download started but cancelled".. I don't know, is that really needed? In my opinion people should know what they download and especially where they put that stuff after DL. EDIT: Oh, and welcome to ApexDC forum. :)
  5. 7,000 posts

    My hub's address: Yeah, it's rather private, in a campus LAN and not reachable from the internet. As well as we can't reach hubs in the internet. One reason why we miss so many things coing on and developing in the "outside" DC community and notice it only if something like that NMDC-Style filelist thingy happens.. But I guess my post came out wrong. I meant that normal users, e.g users of ApexDC, or e.g. users of my hub, often don't see the work behind that all: The work you guys spent and spend on coding the client, fixing bugs, hosting and maintaining this website, helping, explaining, listening and supporting here; the work a hub admin does when setting up and maintaining a hub, watching after the rules to make it pleasant for every user, "donating" a private computer to the community that is running day and night in one's room and causing bad sleep, working on a website for the hub with helps and howtos... You know, stuff like that. And only to get f***ed and shouted at by some stupid users when they get e.g. banned from the hub for sharing bad stuff or when something in the client doesn't work. For some people it's just natural that there are hubs and clients available to everyone without asking why and who made it. Anyway, don't mean to complain here. Just wanted to make myself clear; I hope it worked now. :-)
  6. Freeze

    For me this sounds rather like your RAM is damaged in a certain area. As you describe it it seems that everything works fine as long as you use ApexDC or a player alone. Maybe, when using both at the same time, accidentally RAM is used up to that point that is damaged. Though I have no idea about RAM handling by applications.. I'd suggest you check your RAM with memtest86 or a similar tool to make sure.
  7. down?

    Hell, in cases like these I hate it not to be able to connect to public hubs but only to the local ones on our campus. There we hardly take notice of anything that's going on in the "outside" DC, so I have no clue...
  8. Show us your desktop

    And now, finally, my screenshots from the home base computer. First with all chaos and open windows: Click for screenshot-active I'm running on dual screen, left with 1280x1024, right with 1600x1200. Monitors have different sizes so it fits when they are placed next to each other. On the left screen there is a VNC window to my hub and webserver computer open. And second with all calm, the way it's supposed to be. Click for screenshot-passive For those who like it: The wallpaper on the left is called "threesome1", the one on the right is "Asgard". Skin is "Shinobi". Actually, I like the right screen more, it's also my primary working space.
  9. Show us your desktop

    Do you know if in Fluxbox or JWM you can define if windows of certain programs have title bars on top or not? I mean something like e.g. the clock or the virtual desktop window in my screenshot. They can be set to have a title bar or to appear without as in the screenshot, by putting something like this to $HOME/.Xresources: OpenWindows.MinimalDecor: Virtual xclockIf that is possible I might as well switch to one of these WMs to finally have a close button for the windows.. I could not find any way to add such feature into olwm (olvwm is the version of olwm with virtual desktop), even though googling and reading the manpages of olwm and olvwm for hours... I think what makes olvwm/olwm different to the WMs you mentioned, is the complete absense of some kind of taskbar. Everything in olwm must be started via shell command or via the right-click menu - at least if that is configured properly. If you somehow lost track of a window you gotta search for it, maybe behind all the other windows, since you cannot easily see what apps are running. Anyway, there at work I just overtook a running system and with the time I modified it slightly as far as I dared with manpages and stuff. But probably there is a way to have taskbars in olwm, as well.
  10. Show us your desktop

    No, it's debian linux with olvwm as window manager. Simple, ressources friendly (unlike KDE) and actually even quite old, but still has almost everything I need here. The only thing it's lacking is a <close> button for the windows (like the [x] on te top right for most windows proggies)... But well, as of now, this is just at work. At home I'm of course still with windows...
  11. down?

    Nope, in a minute that was working a little faster than 0.00000001 B/s I could read a post from Todi saying that will be the new home of YnHub. Together with the comment that it sounds much better as the address to the hub soft. So there indeed something has been going on recently. I found it very suspicious so many important DC related homepages being down or veeeeeeery slow almost simultaneously...
  12. Linux version?

    I think it should be obvious that it is related to ApexDC++, so maybe "LApexDC++" would fit? I wouldn't agree with any word conrtruction that contains just a cut part of the word 'Apex' so something line 'Linpex' or so would be out of question, in my opinion. But what do I know... :D
  13. 7,000 posts

    Hey, didn't mean to offend anyone of you nor I meant to complain. I am well aware - and I think most of the users agree - that you are not to be considered spammers, but a very dedicated, helpful and patient dev and support team. Actually, that's what I meant to point out with my post, I hope it wasn't missunderstood because of that supposed-to-be-funny comment in brackets. I really appreciate your work and efforts and the time you spend here to help others. As a hub admin I know that rarely ever someone notices the work behind something like this.
  14. down?

    For those who are interested and might not have already found it out by accident, as I just did: The YnHub homepage was obviously moved to a new domain, I wonder how the ones that already found it did actually find it... :D
  15. 7,000 posts

    Congrats for that achievement also to the devs, subs and testers. And continuing with statistics, more than a third of all the posts were actually done by Crise, Lee and Greg... (How are wise number's twisters saying: Don't trust in statistics that you didn't fake yourself... :fear:)
  16. [Support] Segmented downloading

    I'm not sure, since I didn't really test it yet, but the following option sounds to me like it would do the trick: Open Settings, e.g. via the "File" menu or via the "Settings..." button in the toolbar, navigate to "Downloads" > "Queue" and select it. Then on the right side there's an option named "Manual settings of number of segments". Check this setting and enter a '1' in the number field. So to my understanding, when setting segments numbers for all files to '1' they shouldn't be downloaded in segments. Also, when you are already downloading the file, you can open your "Download queue" (via the toolbar button, via CTRL+D or the "Transfer" menu). Then browse to the file and right-click it. There is an option "Max number of segments", you could set the lowest number possible (for me "1 segment" was not available, don't know why). Though, this setting is per file, and you'd have to repeat it for any file you need to. Actually, there have been some discussions in other threads about if it's possible at all to "lose" one's slot between the segments. I guess you have given another example that it indeed might happen...
  17. Numbered hubs in Public Hubs List

    OMG, he is making us all NUMBERS!! :)
  18. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Can't we already? What about Settings > Appearance > Toolbar, every available button can be placed and/or removed there. Or do you mean in such a fancy and graphical way as it is in FF? (I just found that possibility in FF when I was searching for it after reading your post.. ) Anyway, nice to hear that this thread hasn't been forgotton. Though, I hope also the other features find their way back soon.
  19. Downloads slow to stop

    Could be, yes. Sounds like you also experienced this with other P2P programs. You could try activating the options "Send garbage on incoming connection (to avoid ISP P2P throttling)" and "Send garbage on outgoing connection (to avoid ISP P2P throttling)" in ApexDC Settings > "Advanced". Maybe this solves your problem. I guess the speed isn't really decreasing more and more. I think there is an unthrottled transfer at the beginning of your download that stops suddenly. And what you see as an effect of becoming slower and slower most likely is just the result of your DC doing the math on transferred bytes divided through time of transfer (kB/s). So if there are no more bytes coming but the connection is still considered to be active, the displayed transfer rate will decrease until it's below the "Disconnect downloads if speed is below: XX" setting (in Settings > Advanced > Limits) or until the client gives up to wait. I could be wrong, though. I don't know how Apex handles the transfer rate display.
  20. down?

    Well, this sounds like a reply: :-) Now I feel much more calm...
  21. View own posts

    Okay, thank you. I guess I will just have to get used to the way it works here to not loose track of my older posts... :whistling:
  22. Show us your desktop

    Talking about simple I thought, I might show you my desktop at work: Click me (no, this is not windows :whistling:) I think I will also upload a screenshot of my computer at home later today...
  23. Away Button

    Sure, but what makes DC be a community and what makes it different to all the other P2P programs? Correct, the built-in chat function. For me actually almost more important and definitely more often used than the download function, I think ever since I've been using DC (like 5 or 6 years now, I think..). ;-)
  24. Password in favorites

    Uhm.. If you give your favorites to someone else, why would YOU have to retype the passwords then after sending him? Do you seriously edit and send the original file, not a copy that can be edited and deleted after sending? :whistling:
  25. Don't use netlimiter and instead, use the built-in bandwidth limiter. Though I'm not sure if that is displayed in your tag and neither if it can be disabled. Cannot test it at this moment. But this has been discussed recently in this forum, you might search for it - or just try it out.