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  1. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    Let's start then, 1 - TAN has google bot on its site just like all the other sites on the net. It can only see/retrieve a limited amount of information. Basically the stuff you see as an unregistered user to the site. And let's face it. If google wasn't there, then people wouldn't know the site has help guides now would they? 2 - FlexHub doesn't have SVN 1215 on the site as it was a minor update and as such doesn't need it's own download. That's why there is an update utility built into the hub. To get such minor updates. So please before trying to bash thing's check you understand them first.
  2. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    Finally a way to help hubs and users stay secure. The KEYP spec is an excellent idea and ensures we are actually connecting to the hub we actually want. and not a rogue trying to get info. If only more people took the time to post a reply here with their thoughts. Cause at the end of the day, this could shape the future. If you not convinced just jump in the hub and see for yourself, or even try changing the hash at the end of the URL and see if you can login.
  3. ApexDC v1.4.3

    Please stick to using the release thread. I have also posted a temp fix there.
  4. Released: 8 million downloads, 1.4.3 is here

    Morning guys, Sorry don't have any official updates right now but I do have a temp fix. Make sure Apex is fully closed (Also check process list) then open DCPlusPlus.xml in the settings folder with notepad, scroll to the bottom and look for the field called <LastUpdateNotice type="int64">xxxxxxxxx</LastUpdateNotice> Once you can see that field add a few extra numbers to it where I have indicated it as xxxx's here. Save the file then start ApexDC++. DO NOT TOUCH THE UPDATE WINDOW Click the client window and leave the update window alone until there is an official fix from the devs. That should get you all going again for now.
  5. ApexDC++ 2.0 vision

    This is why I see it as a good move rather than all the other crappy installers that try to install toolbars/browsers you don't even want. Also is the plan to add OpenCandy just to a fresh install, or would there be an upgrade installer with OpenCandy, maybe even both?
  6. ApexDC++ 2.0 vision

    I can understand many people reading this and thinking "They are bundling crapware with Apex!" But honestly, I can see this step as an excellent idea and wish you guys the best of luck with it. I really do hope it brings in what you expect and that you guys don't get hounded by people trying to scare users off with claims of crapware.
  7. Linux ApexDC++

    Ya know I was about to post a new topic about a linux release not happening and that I might try myself, but as this is looking good I think I will just sit back a bit and see how it goes. As I have said before I aint a coder, but recently I decided to swap over to linux and thus decided I need to learn programming. So any suggestions on where to start learning linux coding will he helpful and then when I get to a good enough standard I will see what I can contribute. Oh and definatly put me forward for testing. Could do with something better than LinuxDC++!
  8. Multiple Issues

    Ok so here is the thing. I updated my old b4 version to b5 and everytime I try to download I get an error saying this Could not open target file: The Device is not ready. Well the device is ready as files are being hashed from it and I can access it perfectly. So I restarted apex and got Exception Processing Message as shown the same in the message below, clicking either of the buttons doesnt help. So I changed down to 0.4.0 and got the same error and download problem, but I get a crash message Now here is the image showing both errors
  9. B4 Crash

    I have two different crashes which have both happend when I have not been around. Neither of them have repeated themselves as yet, so I can't pin-point the reason. Latest>> Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 1.0.0B4 (2007-08-07) Major: 6 Minor: 0 Build: 6000 SP: 0 Type: 1 Time: 2007-08-24 10:59:35 TTH: 7CNQCQXDGEV7S2IDTUSYEW73M722LLS7BVOOXDI 0x5DAA0000: ? d:\cvs\apexdc++\trunk\client\pointer.h(39): ? And Other>> Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 1.0.0B4 (2007-08-07) Major: 6 Minor: 0 Build: 6000 SP: 0 Type: 1 Time: 2007-08-22 22:08:19 TTH: 7CNQCQXDGEV7S2IDTUSYEW73M722LLS7BVOOXDI d:\cvs\apexdc++\trunk\client\client.h(55): ? When both of these happen Apex continues to run in the background.
  10. Status: Where is my Beta 3?

    OK then should I change it to two months or two years?
  11. Status: Where is my Beta 3?

    It's not going to be released for another two weeks yet, so eveyone is going to have to hang on.
  12. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Its definitly not NOD32 causing it, as I have tried on another machine that has no AV at all, and all my machines are single core, single CPU units.
  13. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Have deleted my exception info posts as their content is contained within my live exception info link. Just helping to keep things clean ;)
  14. [1.0.0B/B2][Crash] FREQUENT

    I am a n00b programmer so I could be wrong. But looking at all the crashes, it seems they are all related to the same thing, would be interesting to find out what that is tho. My live and trailing exception file is HERE
  15. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    OK so all that seems to keep happening is that apex keeps crashing with access voilations, they all seem very similar if not the same. SO instead of me continously posting tons of exception info's I have decided to put up a live version on one of my sites Live Exceptioninfo.txt It's there and is more or less live, except the time it takes the file to update.
  16. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Yay I found a problem. LOL. Luckily it aint the client, its a file missin from the server. On updating the Peer Guardian block list it gives a 404 error for the file. Not spotted anything else yet and w00t at the guest count of 328 reading this.
  17. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Dugg and downloadin it now w00t at this >>
  18. forum down time

    Just thought I would give you guys the heads up, and this seems to be the best place to put it. While browsing around the forums, I noticed it dropped out for around 5 mins while giving a driver error (database issue to be exact) and it not only affected the forums, it also affected the main home page, to the point it was showing PHP errors.
  19. Missing files from download server

    ooops.... my bad didnt spot that. :|
  20. Missing files from download server

    Cannot get remote file The above URL just aint got that file. It's got the binary and source on that as well as all 3 packages for 2.0 just that one is missin. P.S. when you guys gonna put up a little dowload problem section?
  21. Clear Chat Button

    Well thats me happy :)
  22. Clear Chat Button

    Well atleast give an option to move the button elsewhere or even hide it
  23. Flagging user based on his IP

    Right well first let me point something out. Some hubs now use IP blocking so end users who download/upload dont directly see another users IP. So a flagging system is just not a good idea. Besides that Apex has built in PeerGuardian support which COULD be setup to block certain IP ranges. BUT you need to remember that blocking ranges of IP's will end up with you getting banned from hubs. So it just isnt a good idea to be blocking too many IP's in the first place.
  24. Clear Chat Button

    Having both a clear chat command and a clear chat button would be good. BUT, the button NEEDS to have a confirmation dialog box. Otherwise a slight slip of the mouse could wipe what we are reading.
  25. emulate dc++ in the hub

    And just to help others out. Custom Descriptions that you set in favs WILL show in the hub.