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  1. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    * Highlighting of words/lines in mainchat (see airdc for example) * logging of mainchat-lines (optional addition to the highlighting descibed above) Logging could be done either to the notepad or to a separate file or just in memory (/lastlog in some clients). If you for example choose to log urls you will have a log file with all urls posted in mainchat. You can also choose to log your nick, and get a list of every line that mentions you.
  2. /lastlog

    In older versions of airdc and fuldc there was a nice feature to log only specific details from mainchat. If you typed /lastlog in main a new tab would open, and the recorded lines were displayed. In the settings you could easily add and edit words to trigger the lastlog-function, and you could also decide how these words would be highlighted in the mainchat and if a popup should be shown as notification. This was a great feature, as you could add words that were of interest to you and in the morning you could just enter /lastlog to see the important stuff you missed while sleeping.