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  1. 1 million downloads achieved

    Wow!! you mean I can ease up on advertising it for you?!! lol Guess peeps DO know a good client when they find it :crying: Loco
  2. Notepads

    I vote yes, please add another one... I host 3 hubs at times and need to be able to keep stuff handy and sorted better. Not to mention the other 12 hubs I op or admin in. Loco
  3. Movie Links?

    I might be answering the wrong question here, but movies are available for download in the lot of the hubs. Some of them even specialize in movies shares ( I'm not allowed to advertise here, but dchublist has some good info, watch for hubs where Apex is very welcome.) Locoguru
  4. I'm on the search for a new antivirus

    Here's MY best advice and this is coming from someone who hosts hubs, downloads music and movies, burns cd's, dvds, and exposes his computers to all sorts of stuff: I have been using Kaspersky Antivirus for a couple of years now and have had virtually NO problems. (this wasn't the case with Norton and some other programs). Of course, for firewall protection I recommend using a good router with a hardware firewall. Nothing against the free programs, but I've been around computer for a couple of decades now, and I can pretty much assure that while you might not always get what you pay for, you do pay for the best protections you can get. This is one area that being cheap can cost you a lot in the long run. Loco
  5. TCP connection failed but UDB passed

    What I see going on here is the same confusion I first had about ip addresses. Here is the problem: You have at least two ips addresses in your basic i'net setup: 1. your EXTERNAL IP (usually something in this format: 2. you INTERNAL IP (usually something is this format: and no to be confused with the ip of your router which is something like 3. Router IP (for accessing settings) (this may vary with makes/models of routers, you should check your manufacturers' website, or the paperwork that came with the router) To make these work for you, you must enter the EXTERNAL ip in your ApexDC program, NOT in the BIND ADDRESS!! only in WAN box. AND enter the port or ports you wish to forward. I use port 1234 for both, but you should chose your own to avoid too much IP traffic on one port. Do NOT get into the 5 digit range though... these are used for other things and probably NOT reliable for DC program. Access your router using the ip OF your router (this should be in your router instructions but in a lot of them it's the that I mentioned earlier) The port(s) are forwarded under program and settings and must be forwarded to the INTERNAL IP of your computer. To find your internal ip, go to file, run, command.com and type ipconfig in that window. THAT is your internal IP. I hope this helps. Oh one further note: Do NOT rely on test sites!! the only way to check your settings is to try search and download in a hub that you are REGISTERED in!!. Happy file sharing Apex User!! Loco
  6. Tab Colors

    Wow! I am glad to see the response this has gotten as it tells me I am not alone in having a screen full of tab And it's NOT because I'm a leech... lol Anyway, I want very much to thank everyone for their input here and I think a user control panel would probably be the best answer, since some folks op in more hubs than I do, so the amount of colors needed would be greater. Personally, I stick with solid basic colors for the tabs, but that's just me and not very practical if you need to have 32 different colors. And as for the tab changes when someone speaks... I'm used to the tab bolding... not sure if I want anything to flash at me, I might get alarmed.. lol oh.. one more thing: Apex isn't the only thing that rocks around here... the Apex users do too!! Thank you all from: Loco, Locoguru ... whichever one you know me by :)
  7. My Top 20 used Programs

    most used programs: Ynhub... hosting a few Apex DC Kaspersky DVD Santa Nero AB Commander Messenger PeerGuardian Winamp Notepad Open Office Suite and most important, but not every day: Quicken Basic 2007 It tells me when I'm broke :)
  8. Tab Colors

    Okay... here's the situation: I op/admin/own several hubs (as many others do, so I'm not alone here ) and it would make my life SO much easier if there were color coded tabs matching the op chats and reg requests with the hub they are made in. (ie: if LMM had a green tab for the mainchat and a matching tab for the opchat... I could easily find and answer new reg requests.) I only bring this up, because I find I am not alone in having this problem, AND I know if anyone is likely to come up with a solution to this problem, it will be the peeps at Apex Thank you for listening Locoguru
  9. TCP connection failed but UDB passed

    I don't know what test site you were using, but false reports can be generated by some sites. I have found that if you pick one port for both udp and tcp in your client, and make certain your router is forwarding it for the program, it works just fine. Personally, I user port 1234 for both, BUT you should pick your own port and it helps keep i'net traffic from clogging up. If you are going to enter your ip in connection settings, I check it first at www.whatsmyip.org. then enter what they show me and put a check in the 'do not allow upnp to over ride' box (or circle) If you are using a firewall, then forward the ports and checkmark 'Firewall with manual port forwarding' Make sure you matched the ports. if you need help with your router, here is a good website that has instructions for most routers: www.portforward.com If you can't find it there, it might be a newer model and you'll have to go to the manufacture's website. It should be in your paperwork for the router. If all else fails, come look us up in the support hub We'll help when and where we can Loco
  10. ApexDC++ OP

    I agree... Apex, whether it's based on some other client core or not, has it's own definite advantages as a client. I think it's a more forward looking program because of where the internet is headed. A core is like the beef roast you get from the butcher shop. Some people will roast it with onions, potatos, and carrots; some folks will season it and cook it over a barbeque and serve it as sandwiches, and yet another person will take the time and trouble to make it into beef jerky. Now all of these are GOOD... but each is very different. However, remember: they all started with the raw cut of beef! This is how I look at it at least.... and I like the way Apex has processed this program. And I await further developments to it Loco
  11. Server move successful

    WELL!! all I have to say is: damn glad to have you BACK!! Loco
  12. Status: Where is my Beta 3?

    Good news then!! I knew it was safe to have faith in you guys Loco
  13. Status update

    Nice to see the site is back guys and that I'm able to be a tester again. keeping fingers X'd for the best for all of us Loco
  14. Lol, I got kicked today...

    well, maybe NOT a sympathy post... I'm too busy laffing my a** off However, someone should point out to that hub owner that what he is doing is the major reason NEW hubs are created with/by more forward looking people. Since you know where this forum is, you also know hubs where you and your client are most welcome. Happy Hubbing! Loco
  15. some people like old dc

    wow! hot subject! speaking as a hub owner, I do prefer people to use the newer clients. but then, I'm the type that switched from vhs tapes to dvd's too. :(