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  1. stats

    I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the new beta with this minor features,but no luck I`m not bumping just want to ask did you forget about this ? I know it`s not a important feature, but I really want to show off with my new gear :thumbsup:
  2. Ugasio mi se dc++!

    Pogledaj da li uopste imas favorite.xml i users.xml fileove,otvori ih nekim tekst editorom i baci pogled...ako su prazni onda ti ne gine ponovo podesavanje svega. Nova instalacija nije potrebna posto kada startujes program onda se stvore svi ti fajlovi. Trebalo bi da su ti fajlovi u APEXDC++/SETTINGS folderu. Nadam se da sam bar malo pomogao.
  3. A few days ago I selected many files to download cca 40GB , I have my incomplete folder on one particion and completed folder on another (but it doesn`t really matter), Almost every file was rarity on the HUBs that I was in ,so everything started and in 2 days time and almost nothing finished HDD was FULL. Hope that my explanation is understandable. Could there be a feature like HDD space quote for incomplete files? I know of the manual solution(adding files after finished DL )...but could there be a feature like this?
  4. Get IP for LAN IP auto

    Must agree on this one! My HUB is on a lokal network of an ISP,everybody must use their LAN IP adress,if they forget to uncheck the update ip then they find themselfes with the ISP routers adress especialy NOOBS (90 % ) Hope that this is implementable,maybe that +myip result goes to the settings field?
  5. MATCH QUEUE ? Right click on the new user name and match queue option,it works for me. Or is it just by accident? I think that match queue is for that. Hope that it will work for you too.
  6. Priority Upload to certain user

    Such as ? I must agree that it could be used for some share "limiting" but it could be implemented with some restrictions...maybe 10% can be only hidden of total share. I personaly think that the idea is good,but maybe I`m not seeing the whole picture.That is the reason why I asked to comment.
  7. Priority Upload to certain user

    Just a wild idea: What about a "hidden" share for favorite users? In favorite users one more column "User can see hidden share" and when you click autoslot then your favorite user can download stuff meant for them.This could also be a way for faster spreading of new stuff.I mean one fast leecher is better then 10 slow. I think this can not be categorised as a leech feature,it`s only an improvement of sharing. Please comment!
  8. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 4

    The system could be up for a year It the system,not the program :)
  9. 700,000 downloads, soon 1 million

    That will happen in a week if 1.0 final is released Congrats again a keep it up!
  10. ApexDC changes

    No NOT the initilal,but the changed one. So you will have one ZIP file with all the settings you want.Make a self-extracting ZIP file and yourre done!
  11. ApexDC changes

    Why don`t you make the changes you need in the program,save it and the distribute as a ZIP file! There is no need for the install .exe file. Or just the needed .xml files with a manual how to overwrite the default ones?
  12. Definitivno APEX nije kriv za usporavanje DOWNLOADa,moze biti mnogo razloga za spor download.Od provajedera pa sve do samog HUBa.Pitaj na HUBu,operateri su tamo da ti pomognu!
  13. Boring

    :lol: The forums where much exiting with beta and beta2 Next time leave more BUGS and maybe hidden features so that it could be exiting again! Joking of course,I just admire your work! Very,very professional! Keep it up!
  14. stats

    How about showing CPU speed for DUAL CORE-s too ? i mean for ex : 2x 1.8 MHz Is that possible?
  15. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 4

    We couldn`t even find time to complain regulary about the beta 3 Well done guys!! B)