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  1. Context menu for user names in main chat

    LOL, how did i missed this You can delete this thread, sorry.
  2. ...like the feature available in mIRC. This menu could duplicate the userlist menu. What do you think about it? Can this be added ?
  3. I think this needs just a little more code, which will add a hub tag for each source in queue.xml. And a small modification to show that tag instead of (Offline). Crise should know better :)
  4. Storing some reminder for where the source user was would be useful. I've needed this a few times while downloading rare files, had to visit all hubs in my favorites 'till i find the source users. But creating folders for each source... hell no! I'd preffer a modification for the file tooltips/context menu. Instead of having "username (Offline)" , better have "username (last seen in XYZ hub)". Like it's recorded for favorite users.
  5. Better traffic control

    Just got this : Reason: _ban_1w BAD CLIENT: --> [bandwidth limited client] LOL btw. on XP browsing seems to get more bandwidth, but the DC speed is terrible and hubs still disconnect.
  6. Better traffic control

    I've already tried Netlimiter versions 1.30, 1.29 and 1.25. Neither of these work, they all cause my internet applications to crash while trying to open a port. Opera, PWDC, DC++, and any other program which tries to open TCP/IP connection. This is the last exceptioninfo.txt i got from DC++ (didn't found such for PWDC++) : Code: c0000005 Version: 0.68 Major: 4 Minor: 10 Build: 67766446 SP: 0 Type: 0 Time: 2006-06-05 22:26:09 TTH: K7TTU6MNVUWI77CUWXSFQ33VMBDSCZUTF6HUX2Y NL_LSP!0x10000003: ? 0x00936E00: ? This is from faultlog.txt: Date 06/05/2006 Time 22:22 DUC20 caused an invalid page fault in module <unknown> at 00de:504d4554. Registers: EAX=504d4554 CS=01a7 EIP=504d4554 EFLGS=00010202 EBX=00002778 SS=01af ESP=014bfa20 EBP=014bfa6c ECX=014bfa2c DS=01af ESI=00d90f90 FS=43bf EDX=00000000 ES=01af EDI=014bfa5c GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: Stack dump: 76003481 014bfa2c 00d90f90 00d90f90 76002881 00000000 00c80528 00c807c0 760029ff 00c8041c 014bfa5c 00d906f0 014bfbf4 ffffffff 00d906fc 00000000 ********************************************************************** Date 06/05/2006 Time 22:25 OPERA caused an invalid page fault in module <unknown> at 00de:00750072. Registers: EAX=00750072 CS=01a7 EIP=00750072 EFLGS=00010206 EBX=00002778 SS=01af ESP=02b1fa18 EBP=02b1fa64 ECX=02b1fa24 DS=01af ESI=007852b0 FS=717f EDX=00000000 ES=01af EDI=02b1fa54 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: Stack dump: 76003481 02b1fa24 007852b0 007852b0 76002881 00000000 0078016c 00781c60 760029ff 00780060 02b1fa54 007807a0 02b1fbec ffffffff 007807ac 00000000 ********************************************************************** Date 06/05/2006 Time 23:47 NETLIMITER caused an invalid page fault in module NETLIMITER.EXE at 01a7:00454905. Registers: EAX=bff7278d CS=01a7 EIP=00454905 EFLGS=00010286 EBX=000000c8 SS=01af ESP=006fed10 EBP=006fed40 ECX=00000000 DS=01af ESI=00000000 FS=3487 EDX=81d474ac ES=01af EDI=00000000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 41 4c 85 c0 75 0c 6a ec ff 71 1c ff 15 e0 46 Stack dump: 00460eee 00000000 015d1060 00000000 015d1420 006fed14 006feef0 0047328d bff726c5 bfc02d0b bff7278d bfc02d0b 006fedc8 0046126c 006fed70 00000000 The only working solution is to use the limiting capabilities of PortExplorer and manually regulate the speed of each socket, but this program causes very high CPU usage on high traffic. <_<
  7. Encoding selection for main chat & PMs

    No such thing on my machine. Only the BG-Phonetic layout by mr. Injinera <_<
  8. Better traffic control

    I don't use a firewall, neither a router. And as Crise said, the emulation won't help. I'm asking for better connection management in the next client, i.e. give higher priority to control packets and automatic (temporary) lowering of download/upload speeds in order to keep the communication stable. P.S. "Connection reset by server" - this don't sound like a client-initiated disconnect :)
  9. Encoding selection for main chat & PMs

    DC++ incompatible? Then how come DC++ works fine and PWDC++ (which is based on DC++) doesn't ? At least make the modification optional, please. Find the differences :
  10. Better traffic control

    But not too good when your browser freeze at a two-digit bps (not Kbps)
  11. Better traffic control

    It's not like "when that happened", it's happening all the time when PWDC is running. Having PWDC started means slow browsing, crappy ICQ, etc. It just "sucks" all the available bandwidth. I tried NetLimiter, but it crashes on startup, probably because of some bad DLLs left over. [EDIT] my mistake, not Netlimiter, but other internet apps crash when have it installed. My setup is the following: PC - Duron@950, Via KT133A chipset, 512MB RAM Software: Win98SE, newest drivers (except for my GF4 MX card), PPPoE connection, no firewall, working but disabled ICS (sometimes used to share net with my laptop), 6 IPs on a single LAN adapter (one for each private range + one public), no funny settings in PWDC, default (random) ports.
  12. Is it possible to reuse the IE (as it is available in every Win32 system) functions for changing the encoding in chat messages ? (yup, my old request for 9x compability )
  13. HTTP & FTP Multi-sourcing

    DC++ & Torrent multisourcing would be easier and for sure should be used a lot if immplemented.
  14. Better traffic control

    Simple example: to open the "New topic" page and write this, it took about 2 minutes instead of the usual few seconds. I currently have PWDC running, taking out all the awailable bandwidth for itself. I tried the "Transfer Rate limiting" option, and got banned from few hubs for using it. Also, sometimes the uploading/downloading cause disconnection from hubs because there's no free bandwidth left for simple hub-client communication.
  15. PeerWeb crashes

    LOL, i'm so blind thanks