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  1. Search Filtering on ADC hubs

    The file type (Video, Audio, etc.) filters in the search window do not work correctly in Apex 1.20B on ADC Hubs. Directory filter, works fine. The hub command seen in the debug window for any file type is exactly the same, unlike on NMDC protocol, so I assume that on ADC the client is responsible for filtering and isn't doing it?
  2. Apex Search Responder Bug

    Also, there is definitely a character limit. If you only search for 4 characters of a username the results come back fine. For example "icep" will return results with iceparrot in them, but "icepa" will not.
  3. Apex Search Responder Bug

    So far, the other clients have all been SDC. I was testing Apex to see if it would work for a hub and make sure they'd "play nice" I'll do some Apex 1.1.0 to Apex 1.1.0 testing later today or tomorrow. The amount of files that I'm sharing that fit into this category is small (less than 10 total). Edit: Confirmed the bug still exists between two Apex 1.1.0 clients
  4. Apex Search Responder Bug

    Yes and yes. Also, other users are able to get files with my username from me, by getting my filelist or downloading a whole directory, just not able to actually search for them.
  5. Apex Search Responder Bug

    I've had multiple users test this bug against the client, and they have gotten 0 results from my client each time, but results from other users.
  6. Apex Search Responder Bug

    This bug happens with Apex 1.1.0 as the search responder: If you do a search for <username> you do not get search results from user <username> if the files contain <username> in them. For example, if somebody searches for "iceparrot" they do not get a result from me if I had a file named "iceparrot made this movie.avi" I am not sure if the bug disappears if the searching client is also Apex, as the other clients on the hub are not. I'm fairly certain this bug existed in 1.0.1 as well.