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  1. I hope someone can fix it soon I seriously miss that option.. Oh well, cant do much else than wait.
  2. AIMP (or winamp) you dont need any other plugin because the /w command works directly. So basically you're saying that you havent actually used the plugin. And yes i am using 64bit version. I think the plugin is broken because it cannot detect neither MPC, nor MPC-HC or WMP12.
  3. I am using that plugin already. What version is your MPC? 32bit or 64bit? I am using the one that comes with latest build of CCCP codecs. And typing /mpc gives error message.
  4. Hello all. I am having problem with Media Player plugins (latest one for 1.3.x clients) on Apex 1.3.1 (64bit version) on Win7 64bit. I have loaded the plugin fine, Media Player Classic Homecinema 1.3.1264 is running but Apex wont detect it. Can anyone help? What version of MPC is working for you?
  5. Ok then. Time to move onto another client then.
  6. I was happy user of apex 0.4.0 for last 2 years or so. Today it refused to work, great >.> Anyway Now that i am using Apex 1.10, i cant find any option to put Userlist on top of main chat. It stays on right side, where i dont like it. So any ideas? Any settings i need to modify in xml files? Thanks Something like in this diagram here: