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  1. Hello all. I am having problem with Media Player plugins (latest one for 1.3.x clients) on Apex 1.3.1 (64bit version) on Win7 64bit. I have loaded the plugin fine, Media Player Classic Homecinema 1.3.1264 is running but Apex wont detect it. Can anyone help? What version of MPC is working for you?
  2. I hope someone can fix it soon I seriously miss that option.. Oh well, cant do much else than wait.
  3. AIMP (or winamp) you dont need any other plugin because the /w command works directly. So basically you're saying that you havent actually used the plugin. And yes i am using 64bit version. I think the plugin is broken because it cannot detect neither MPC, nor MPC-HC or WMP12.
  4. I am using that plugin already. What version is your MPC? 32bit or 64bit? I am using the one that comes with latest build of CCCP codecs. And typing /mpc gives error message.
  5. I was happy user of apex 0.4.0 for last 2 years or so. Today it refused to work, great >.> Anyway Now that i am using Apex 1.10, i cant find any option to put Userlist on top of main chat. It stays on right side, where i dont like it. So any ideas? Any settings i need to modify in xml files? Thanks Something like in this diagram here:
  6. Ok then. Time to move onto another client then.