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  1. Users with Short Central European Names

    There were times when more hubs required prefixes, with speed and type of connection but also with country flag. Not many does that nowadays Some of those nicks I found to be bots etc (randomly generated - as Crise said), never could get file list either.
  2. For me this button works fine, what OS you running?
  3. HUB software

    Morning OldIndian With no surprise I will recommend FlexHub ^_^
  4. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    Flip and I are proud members of TAN for some time now. So we are happy that strong old school network is a part of this project. After this first step, Flexhub team is looking forward to hopefully long, successful and full of new ideas partnership with ApexDC.
  5. release 1.5.0 Released, now updated to DC++ 0.782

    Good work Congrats on new release :)
  6. NetChatLink

    Nice work :)
  7. Back to DC++ some years later...

    Most of decent hubs up there will let you in only if you have less open hubs then 100 (so it is not only how much you share but how good you are as a user to the hub when you upload) but that is your own choice what quality of hubs you want to enter. I don't even think someone will reply who is actually using more then 100 hubs simply because people don't do that, but good luck and welcome back to DC.
  8. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.3

    Thank you for new release, keep up your great work :whistling:
  9. Problem with installing the LUA plugin

    If it says that plugin was installed correctly it means you did it all properly. startup.lua you will find in this thread Place it in a forder that you create yourself and name "Scripts" in a directory of your client, together with all scripts that you want to try/run. Search forum for more information, because it's all here. P.S. I haven't found script manager either, but the only thing I needed was a System Log. Regards LS
  10. how do i configure my TPC TLC ports?

    Here is and answer for your questions: Try to search that forum if you have more problems, it's all here.
  11. Cannot download any hublists

    I would not say it this way, but I don't really think it would be fixable in your client, since error 504 is a timeout error, so obviously something went wrong "on the way" of connecting with a server, you tried few clients and different os, so there is no other possibility. As an advice I can only tell you to use dchublist on the webside. Most of hublists like have a list on www where you just click on hub address and it will automaticly choose ApexDc to connect to the hub, there is a search engine etc. Hope that will be less frustrating :(
  12. Can only connect to some users

    There is many reasons for such behaviour. Some clients that other users use are not compatible with ApexDc or with DC++ or other commonly used clients, can be updated, wrong build and their filelists are not available, or a client has slots locked for taking filelists. If you can download most of filelists in hubs, then connection timeouts and not available filelists are not your fault B)
  13. [1.3.1]Crash when sorting results by size

    ver 1.3.1 x32 I searched for a title. Got results and added some files to dll queue. Then I clicked on a "Size" column to sort results by size, and Apex crashed. I did it all three times in exactly same order and client crashed every time with same exception info. Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 1.3.1 (Mar 9 2010) Major: 6 Minor: 0 Build: 6002 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2010-03-17 08:52:10 TTH: OYWWKM7ZMQ26OHRT4WCVZW4IULG5ZL4E4RBMRTA f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\SELF_X86\crt\src\Intel\MEMCPY.ASM(188): ? Edit: Apex crashed again with no hubs connected, I can only see DHT downloads running.
  14. ApexDC++ Translations

    Polish translation for ApexDC++ 1.3.0 ApexDC_1.3.0_PL.xml
  15. Transfer Cap

    Looks like a good idea. When you reach a limit your bandwidth is cut to around 32kbsp/32kbps with most isps. You can imagine what possibilities you'll get after that so i would suggest to freeze all downloads and inform a user how much data in total was downloaded this month (limits reset by the end of each month) - dont close it, not all users will set up their clients to use the maximum. That can also help a user to calculate how much data Apex can download monthly without risking slowing down other internet applications. I vote for "Warn user" with appropriate msg (and all dlls freeze). When our user will set up Apex to download let's say 5GB (where user still will be able stay in hubs and chat) client shouldn't close. You can also give a choice to users how they will be notified, sound etc.
  16. ApexDC++ Translations

    Polish translation for stable version 1.2.0 ApexDC_1.2.0_PL.xml
  17. Stealing of users

    You were not the only one, true. Lots of other Polish hubs got redirected to this "crappy Polish hub" as well... And official Verli forum is not dead and there is thread about that issue. No Toast. Its an exploit (only) in Verlihub not the "redirecting bot" or however it was called few months ago.
  18. How to connect to all hubs with 1 click

    In Favorite Hubs window where is a list of your hubs you can tick small box on the left side (next to hubs name) - this is auto connect with a hub (you will connect with ticked hubs when your client starts up).
  19. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    different API I would say. You need someone who will adjust the script. Ex I've got completely different matrix.lua for zK atm
  20. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

  21. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    About matrix-3.lua ... In your client tick option: Settings/Advanced/Send unknown / commands to the hub restart, load the script and type /matrix text
  22. Additional hublists

    And one more hublist
  23. Request: LUA offline pm integration

    It would be a good idea to ask an author of something like that script if its possible. Mb try in forum where you got the script from.
  24. LUA error attempt to call a table value

    This script is for BCDC so if u got error it's not compatible with Apex. Read thats written at the beginning of your lua script.
  25. ApexDC++ Translations

    Polish translation for 1.2.0 attached ApexDC_1.2.0_PL.xml