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  1. Some proposition

    1. ^ why this? there is like 50% or maybe more cable and wirless users that have bulded in local share with default internet package, i live in Belgrade and local share is very popular in ISPs here, i belive it's same thing around the world ... maybe im wrong thank u for answer ..
  2. Some proposition

    in advance, sorry for my bad english's situation like this , i'm on 3 diferent hubs for example ... and i have 3 files to download , for example file1.exe , file2.exe , file3.exe It would be nice if i could use option to arange which file will use which hub , fe: i want file1.exe to be downloaded from hub1 .. and file2.exe from hub2 ... something like priority option ... This is usefull for people who is having local share , beside internet based HUB. The problem is when i connect to internet hub, files in queue automaticly starts to download ... no mater if they are added in queue in local HUB. i hope u understand 2. Beter skin support 3. Password protected sturtup thats it for now