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  1. j7n liked a post in a topic by Mek in Typing in chat causes some clients to connect   
    I've seen this behavior as well. Those users are using some OP clients that have the ability to automatically "check" users (to get the IP and other info) when they write in chat so that is basically what they do. Another thing is, this is not really needed for ordinary users and so their clients are misconfigured...
  2. j7n liked a post in a topic by Crise in Typing in chat causes some clients to connect   
    Some of that traffic looks extremely interesting... without looking into it, they seem to be either OP clients of some description, as Mek said, looking for particular defects, or malicious clients trying to run an exploit (although I did not check the existing public exploits against these patterns).
  3. j7n liked a post in a topic by Crise in ApexDC++ 1.5.13 maintenance release available   
    We have published a maintenance release available for immediate download. 1.5.13 fixes a small set of issues that can in the worst case scenario render your installation of ApexDC effectively unusable. You can check out the full changelog here. We recommend that you update your version of ApexDC as soon as possible.

    Download: ApexDC++ 1.5.13
  4. j7n liked a post in a topic by Mek in Light progress bar in transfer status   
    I think it's indication of compressed size of the file meaning that the transfer is compressed and thus should be faster.
  5. j7n liked a post in a topic by Crise in SourceForge community choice project of the month vote, May 2014   
    Update: The voting period has ended, thank you for everyone who participated.

    We have been, presumably randomly or based on recent activity, selected for the community choice vote for SourceForge May Project of the Month (fairly new thing they have been doing). If you have a SourceForge account look at the projects listed and vote as you will... or don't, it is really up to you. But it would be a shame for us not to say anything at all, considering this isn't likely to happen again any time soon. We have so far been a featured project (a weekly thing, for handful of projects at a time) twice within the last two or three years.

    Direct Connect hasn't been prominently featured in any way in recent memory. It would be nice to make that happen, as well as an achievement for the project of course.
  6. j7n liked a post in a topic by Crise in Mandatory Security Updates   
    Event ID 4226 only applies to SP2 as far as I am aware, not SP3.

    In any case it is not practical for me to keep anything below XP SP3 supported, because the best I can get in terns of XP these days is the XP mode that ships with windows 7.

    Besides Microsoft will drop all support for XP in 2014, and it is already on extended support anyways. It would be increasingly troublesome to keep supporting operating systems that have been abandoned in terms of security patches and hotfixes. Because each additional operating system supported adds its own limitations to what can and can't be done with the software, within reasonable effort.

    Newer is indeed not always better, however, old will always be old and will only get older... that is a fact.