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  1. Problem With Small File Size

    Just a quickie: Is this my filelist?
  2. Problem With Small File Size

    Is there no way to prevent this?
  3. I can get 50MB/s on my gigabit connection.
  4. Force IP does not work

    I have 3 networking cards on my client and I want the DCC to use one of them specifically. It has it's own public static IP like all the other adapters. Everytime I select the one I want, and I restart the client it gives me an error: *** The requested address is not valid in its context. I tried using my other 2 adapters and it gives me the same error, but if I set it to automatic it works fine. Is there a way I can fix this? Regards.
  5. Blocking users

    But that means I'll get kicked I've yelled at 20 ppl who didn't change their segment sizes. Oh well.
  6. Blocking users

    Oh okay, thanks. Yeah I don't do it that much (actually just 1 person) who refuses to listen; Even the operator isn't happy about it. I was actually curious is how do I change the chunk/min segment sizes in ApexDC?
  7. Blocking users

    I'm just running the client. I'm in an private DC++ hub which runs at 10MB/s+. I don't like the chunk sizing they enabled in DC++.705, which unfortunately many users don't know how to change. Right now I'm using the IP Guard to block the people who chunk size; I want to just block people with chunk size (Minimum segment size) smaller than 1GB. How would I go about doing this? Regards and keep up the great work!