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  1. Windows 7 network share bug

    I have also tried strongDC yesterday and it has the same issue. However using jucy dc doesnt cause this problem. So I assume this is something comming from strongDC?
  2. Windows 7 network share bug

    Ok ive been trying ot track down this bug for months now, and finally found that it seems to be apex. Happens on win7 x64 ApexDC 1.2 and above. If I have my server called \\server\ on the network. I open apex and anywhere from minutes to hours when i try to access the server it doesnt work and i need to use \\server.\ (notice the dot) Any idea if theres a simple fix for this? And has anyone else noticed it?
  3. I have a issue where i am trying to connect to different hubs using different ports. Example Hub1 via interface Hub2 via interface Now, in the setting there TCP/TLS/UDP settings and an interface to bind with, but i need to be able to set this up per favorite, there is some settings in the favorites i have configured, but the port settings in there dont work correctly.
  4. Web Interface

    Would be cool to have a webinterface for which you can login with say a user/pass and que up files remotley etc. Just something simple.
  5. When I select a whole folder from one of my machines to download a bunch of files from. Ive noticed it seems if there are alot of files in the folder then it downloads only some of the files. I have no idea how to fix this. For example if i copy a game which is 6gig in the shared list (and 6gig in windows). Apex will only download about 4gig worth of it. It just only seems to happen when there are alot of files involved :| apex 1.1.0
  6. I would not think that anything would be that inefficient!
  7. So a quick benchmark, very rough. But transferring a 10gig file across the network(via windows) takes about 1-2minutes. Transferring the same file with ApexDC takes about 10-15mins. Thats basically the problem. I tryed to edit the config file to add a 1000 option, but it did not make any difference.
  8. I have a gigabit network and have found that the max download and upload speed of apexDC is the speed of a 100Mb/s network Any chance of releasing a quick patch to fix this?