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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    I sure hope this version is better than 1.0.1, which quite frankly was a disaster and hardly could be considered stable. I and many other users had to downgrade to 0.40 due to a bug in the port forwarding. Being unable to run 0.40 tonight with the warning about the exploit was a big concern due to the problems with 1.0.1. Hopefully the problem is fixed in 1.1.0 otherwise I will have to jumpt ship to another DC client. The exploit was not a concern for me as my client was connecting to a network that did not route onto the general Internet.
  2. Downgrade from 1.01 to 0.40

    I have recently upgraded from version 0.40, which was very stable, to version 1.01, which is supposed to be "stable" but is far from it. Whilst Apex is great software and I appreciate the efforts of the programmers, version 1.01 is not ready for general use at this point and really should still be described as beta. My question is in order to downgrade back to 0.40, can I just reinstall 0.40 over the top of 1.01 and still retain my settings or do I need to do a complete fresh install and redo all my settings?
  3. Firewalls all disabled with no change. I actually thought of the exe being different first so tried deleting the old Apex entry then entering a new one into the firewall, then disabled the firewall altogether. Also if it were a firewall blocking the program, it should also block passive connections, which it does not. It will run fine in passive mode but as you would no doubt be aware, there are some severe limitations of running in passive mode - particularly if a number of users have to run in passive mode. I have downgraded as a result of this bug as version 0.40 was very stable and an excellent piece of software. Will wait until a more stable release is put out before upgrading again. The feature set of 1.01 really does not provide any real improvements for my usage of Apex anyway. Tried to identify common links on why it worked for some and not others. OS does not seem to make any difference. Wondering whether ADSL modem type is making any difference. Also AMD or Intel chip does not seem to make any difference as I have tried it on an AMD Athlon 2400+ and a PIII 800. Wondering whether age of the equipment could have any impact as those that have the most recent computers are not seeming to have this problem (although other bugs have cropped up). I am running on a Billion 5102S ADSL modem with the latest firmware.
  4. I have just upgraded from version 0.40 to version 1.01 and changed nothing else with my system. I am running a DC hub and looking to connect to my own hub running on the same computer as the ApexDC++. Users can connect to me normally but I cannot download filelists at all without changing my settings to passive. Attempts to grab filelists result in timeout errors. I am running with Manual Port forwarding. My hub runs on port 1337 and I have had a dyndns address for the hub which I have used in the Favourite Hubs section to choose direct connection but with port 1338. (It would not connect if I had the direct connection to 1337 rather than 1338 on version 0.40) Both ports 1337 & 1338 are forwarded to the static lan ip of the computer I have both the hub and ApexDC++ on. It worked fine on 0.40 and nothing was changed except upgrading ApexDC++ from 0.40 to 1.01. I am running WinXP Pro and my DC Hub is PtokaX (I know there is a version 0.4 out of PtokaX but it is incompatiable with a number of scripts I run on the hub, so is not a viable upgrade path). My ADSL Modem is a Billion 5102S.
  5. Further update is I have successfully downgraded to version 0.40 and I can get filelists downloading again with exactly the same settings. Clearly this is a bug. I have also come across 2 other users on my own private hub that have had the same experience with 1.01 but the bug clearly only effects some people as others have successfully upgraded. I will try and see if there is something in common with the users that have had problems that is different to those who have successfully upgraded. In my situation I had Apex installed on two computers on my local lan and they both had the same problem. Just wondering if it could be something to do with modem settings. In my case I disabled UPnP in my modem settings for security reasons.
  6. Further to the bug report, myself and another user with the same problem have done some testing and categorically ruled out any port forwarding issues within our own systems. It is most definately a problem with Apex version 1.01 not handling things correctly.